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Deaths Embrace Escape Walkthrough

Deaths Embrace Escape Walkthrough. Deaths Embrace Escape Solution.

Full step-by step in this instructional walkthrough solution.  Detailed explanations to the puzzles including, tips, tricks, and help to solve this point-and-click room escape game.

About Death Embrace Escape:  You are lost, trapped, and surrounded by bloody lab equipment. Sounds like a great reason to escape! Explore this gruesome hospital. Gather whatever you can find, and use your new stuff to break out. And who is that bloody spirit who keeps interrupting your careful escape planning? It is freaking us out, man.  You can play the game here.

This is a medium difficult escape game.  I found it it not smooth when selecting and using items.  The red face that pops up regularly is very annoying.   The Acid Clue is very obscure and difficult to read.

Deaths Embrace Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You woke up in an abandoned laboratory...

Take the screwdriver from the tray above the bed.
Take the test tube from above the bed on the wall.
Go left.

Pick up the swab on the left.

Go back right.
Go right again

Pick up the heavy safe

GO left and left again to the door.
Throw the safe through the glass door

The door is now open!

Go through the door.

Take the card between the 2 monitors.

Go right

Go down the passage.

Notice the code 487 on the wall.

Go down, left, down.
You are now at the door where you broke the window.

Go right, right

Use the access card on the door.
Enter the door.

Take the fire extinguisher.

Go right

Use the screwdriver on the machine on the right side of the wall.
Lift the 2 levers on its side and the lights will go on.

Go left and left again

Zoom in on the keypad on the wall
Enter the code 487#

You will see the message "access granted"

Go right, down, left, left

Go through the broken window door
Go right, right

The theater doors will be open, so enter

Go right

Take the crowbar at the sink

Go left.
Now make the acid:

White, red, pink, yellow, yellow, blue
(The clue is the color bars on the paper on the right wall.  Very difficult to read...)
If you are correct, it will say ACID ready.

Use the test tube to get some acid.

Go out (door top left), Left, then down the passage
Use the acid to break down the gate:

Go through to the lift

Use the crowbar to open the lift door on the right
Use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire
Use the swap to open the top of the lift

Escape through the top of the lift

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


  1. This walkthrough sucked! It didn't let me get the swab, so I lost and had to deal with that weird demon girl. I. Am. Traumatized. Thanks for NOTHING!!!

    1. Not his fault you an idiot then, I got swab without even coming to walkthrough, it's so obvious.

  2. Great walkthrough, would have taken forever to get the acid made.