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Escape Challenge Walkthrough Levels 6 to 10

Escape Challenge Walkthrough Levels 6 to 10
Escape Challenge Solution Levels 6 to 10

To see the walkthrough for levels 1 to 5, follow this link.

Full walkthrough solution for "Escape Challenge".   Detailed explanations including tips, tricks, and help to solve the first 10 levels of Escape Challenge.  This walkthrough guide is developed for the Android version, but the methods will be applicable to other platforms, although the screen prints might be slightly different.

Escape Challenge Level 6 Walkthrough

Take the red circle shape against the wall next to the pot-plant.
Zoom in on the small coffee table in the top right corner.  Move the printer out of the way, then move the chine plate and take the pink key from the china chest.

Open the drawer under the TV using the pink key.
Take the square key and remote from the drawer.

Look in the brown box under the TV for the code 3147

Zoom in on the TV then use the remote to switch it on.  You will see
the time "9:3:12"

Study the snail next to the TV

Look at the colors for the numbers 3147
Orange, yellow, red, blue

Go right.

Zoom in on the drawer next to the bed.
Change the colors to match the 3147 on the snail.
Orange, yellow, red, blue
Open the drawer then take the pendant.

Go left

Open the lock next to the snail (just to the right) using the pendant.
Take the blue circle shape.

Go right

Zoom in on the blue/grey box next to the drawer.
Look at the top
Add the square key in the middle
Adjust the 3 dials so that they point according to the time on the TV: 9 3 12
1st one to point left (9)
middle on to point right (3)
3rd one to point up (12)

Zoom down.
Insert the blue and red circles.
Open the bottom stone compartment.
Take the golden key.

Go left.

Open the chest using the golden key.
Take the red key.

Open the door with the red key, and level 6 will be solved!

Escape Challenge Level 7 Walkthrough

Zoom in on the table with the lamp in the top right corner.
Take the grey knob from the bottom compartment of the table.

Zoom in on the painting above the couch and take note of the position of the 3 bight yellow dots - they are the diagonal line from center to lower right.

Zoom in on the square on the floor where the 2 pieces of couch comes together.
Adjust the 3 dots so that they are diagonally aligned as per the painting.
Hint: Each of the 3 dots will move clock-wise around when you tap their "track".
Once you have them aligned, the top will open and you get another grey knob.

Zoom in on the vent - top left corner
Insert the 2 grey knobs.
Open the vent then take the screwdriver.

Open the top drawer (just left of the door) using the screwdriver.
Take the golden key.

Open the locked cupboard on the left, using the golden key.
You will get a puzzle: DD x C.
D = 4 (4th letter of the alphabet) and C = 3.
So the solution will be 44 * 3 = 132
Open and take the blue key

Use the blue key to open the door and solve level 7.

Escape Challenge Level 8 Walkthrough

Zoom in on the blue/purple lightning puzzle top left.
Rotate the circles so that the picture is oriented correctly. (Hint, start from the center out, the center piece cannot move and is correct).
Once you have solved it, open the door and take the yellow star.

Zoom in on the door below the lightning.
Count the number of sides per shape to get the solution.
From left to right: 32154
Open and take the blue oval piece.

Zoom in on the green puzzle top right corner.
This one looks difficult but is in fact very easy.  Each green pattern is a number, just written with some wiggles.  From top to bottom you will see the numbers 5483.
Enter 5483 and open the door
Take the red Mickey Mouse-shape.

Zoom in on the bottom puzzle below the green numbers,
Adjust the dials so that is shows the angle above it.
From left to right, tap 3 times, then 4 then 1.
Open and take the green diagonal piece.

Next to the 2 puzzles there are grey drains or something.
Select each one and place the correct shape piece inside.
Once all 4 are placed, tap the ball hanging from the ceiling.
Electricity will now flow freely...

Tap the are above the ball hanging from the ceiling.
Open the top compartment to get the door key.
Use the key to unlock the door and level 8 will be solved!

Escape Challenge Level 9 Walkthrough

Zoom in on the brown box top left, and see the number 2131
Open the top doors of the cabinet on the top right using the code 2131.
Take the wrench.

Zoom in on the blue/yellow fountain
Use the wrench to remove the nuts on the left of the fountain.
Open and take the green key.

Open the locked chest top left using the green key.
Open the box inside and take the tap key.

Zoom in on the fountain and add the tap key to the tap.

Search for the 4 shapes: Pentagon, circle, square, triangle.  Remember the color of each.
Pentagon = Green (above the door?)
Circle = red (on the brown wall at the fountain)
Square = blue (at the statue head)
Triangle = yellow (on the plank in the center)
Solve the bottom puzzle on the cabinet by changing the colors to match the shape.
Take the bucket inside.

Use the bucket on the tap on the fountain to fill it with water

Zoom in on the walkway on top of the well
Zoom in on the center piece
Throw the water in.
Fetch another bucket of water at the fountain and add some more
Repeat one more time and now you get the door key.

Open the door with the key and level 9 is solved.

Escape Challenge Level 10 Walkthrough

(If you get the message "That's it... blah blah blah, then go to the menu and select level 10.  If this does not work, try to download the update).

Zoom in on the red painting in the top left corner.
Check out the pattern and remember it!  Looks like a Y with a line at the bottom row.
Zoom in on the safe below the painting and match the pattern on the 5 x 5 board.
Open the safe and take the yellow star.

Zoom in on the green square puzzle on the table on the right.
Solve the puzzle by rotating each piece until it is oriented correctly
Once correct the door will open and you can turn the bear around.  Tap the piece of string and repeat until you can take it.

Zoom in on the clock cabinet top right corner.
Tap the clock and notice where the hand makes a stop:  2 4 7 9
Enter 2 (top left) 4 (top right) 7 (bottom left) and 9 (bottom right)
Take the can opener from inside.

Zoom in on the table with the speakers, just left of the door.
Move the black speaker out of the way
Move the brown speaker down
Zoom in on the tin that was hidden at the back
Open with the can opener.
Take the magnet.

Zoom in on the drain in the center
Use the string on the magnet
Use the stringed magnet to get the yellow piece at the bottom of the drain.

Zoom in on the wall bottom left side.
Insert the 2 yellow shapes
Tap the door to open.
Tap the statue inside to bring you the key
Take the golden key from the statue

Tap the down arrow to look the other way
There are 4 green numbers.  To get the number flip them upside down and cut in half!
The numbers will be 1 3 7 2

Open the bottom locker with the code 1372
Use the golden key to open the safe
Take the white door key inside!

Open the front door with the white key and level 10 will be solved!

Well done on solving the first 10 levels of Escape Challenge!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

More levels coming soon... I hope!


  1. This is for the 1.3.0 version, or something like that, correct? Unless the game is lying to me, the 1.4 and 1.3 level 6 rooms are different. Is it possible to make a walkthrough for the 1.4 version?