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Logical House Escape Walkthrough

Logical House Escape Walkthrough
Logical House Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step by step information on how to solve this room escape game.  Tips, tricks, and detailed explanations provided in this guide.  All the help you need to escape the logical house... alive!
This is a medium-easy escape.  Play the game here.

Logical House Escape Walkthrough Starts here:

Your adventure starts in the lounge area of the logical house:

Take the red card on the shelf under the TV.
Take the smiley star hanging on the chimes from the ceiling.
Take the smiley face from the coffee table.
Take the green leaf from the plant.

Go right to the orange-and-blue bedroom

Open the middle drawer under the PC desk and take a brown leaf.
Take the red book from the drawer under the bed.
Take another smiley face from the middle drawer to the right of the beds.
Take the blue book from the bookshelf, 3rd from the top.

Go right to the kitchen

Take a white leaf  from the blue flower vase
Open the glass cupboard door and take a blue leaf
Open the cupboard under the sink then take another smiley face.

Go left back to the orange-and-blue bedroom.
Zoom in on the cupboard with postcards under the top bed.
Insert the 4 colored leaves.
The doors will open

Take the green card.

Go right and right again to the master bedroom

Take the green moon from the bowl on the floor.
Take the smiley sun from the green flower vase.

Zoom in on the circle of smileys on the wall
Add the 3 missing smiley faces
The door will open

Take the blue card.

Zoom in on the beige locked drawer with the 3 indented shapes
Add the smiley sun, moon, and star.

Take the blue card from the opened drawer.

Take the box from the 3rd from the top set of drawers.

Zoom in on the circles with the red center on the wall
Add the box.  The box will expose 9 planets (although Pluto is probably not a planet!)
Add the 9 planets (you just have to click on them and the computer will place them!)

Take the golden key.

Zoom in on the red book.
Unlock using the golden key

Add the 4 cards in order from I, II, III, IV
You will get the code:  GOOD LUCK

Read the blue book.
Solve the puzzles:

Circle + Square = 4  (Circle = 0 angles + square = 4 angles = 4)
8 angles - 3 angles = 5
5 angles + 4 angles = 9
0 anfles + 4 angles = 4

Code = 4594

Go to the kitchen and open the kitchen cupboard with the combination lock.  Use the code 4594.

Take the silver key (in the lower left corner)

Go all the way left to the lounge
Open the orange locked cupboard on the wall with the silver key
You will see this puzzle:

Click the blue "click" button on the left until the 6 inner circle colors match the outside cables.
The panel will open.

Type the code GOODLUCK (no space needed)
Click OK and it will show CORRECT.

The door will open and you can escape the logical house.

Well done on a great escape
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough solution!

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  1. Thank you for the logical house escape walkthrough. Was easy, but somehow I did that maths wrong! hihihi.