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Escape the room 2 walkthrough

Escape the room 2 walkthrough. Escape the room 2 solution.

Full walkthrough solution to help you escape from Room Escap3 2.  Detailed explanations to the puzzles with tips, hints, and all the help you need!  You can play the game here.   This is a medium difficult room escape game and will take you more than 1 hour to solve.   Game developed by Andrew Gibson.

Room Escape 2 Walkthrough starts here:

You start in the corner at the plant.

Zoom in on the white panel lower right of the screen, then switch the fan off.

Go right to the cabinet room

Read the note on the side of the cabinet.
Take the ripped sheet of paper from the bottom drawer.

Go right to the PC room.

Go right to the room with the door

Go right to the birds room

Go right. You are now at the plant.

Look behind the plant.  (hot spot is lower left side of the pot)

Flick the red switch.

Go 2 screens left to the room with the door

Now you will see a piece of paper that fell out of the letter box.
Take the paper
Combine the 2 pieces of paper.

Read the paper and you will get the code 431786

Go to the PC, zoom in on the screen, then enter the password 431786.

Zoom out.
Go right.

Take the note

Go to the room with the picture of the 2 birds
Use the note on the right bird
The laser in his eye will scan the note and open a secret compartment.

Take the small key inside.

Go to the room with the cabinet
Open the blue box using the key

Take the red colored rod and the metal strip.

Go to the room with the door.
Look up at the fan
(the fan must be off.  If not, go back to the plant room and switch off the fan at the white panel).
Use the metal strip on the fan

Take the blue rod.

Go to the room with the cabinet
Look at the side of the trashcan (hot spot is lower right).

Go right to the room with the birds.
The owl compartment has opened up and you can get the green rod.

Go left 2 screens to the PC room.
Zoom in on the 3 white dots on the left wall
Insert the red rod at the top, blue rod on the left, and green rod on the right.

Go right to the room with the door.
The door will now be unlocked.

Open the door!
Well done on a great escape!

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