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The Impossible Quiz Walkthrough

All the answers to help you solve the Impossible Quiz.

Play the impossible quiz for windows here.

1. Question: How many holes in a Polo?
Answer: Four

2. Question: Can a match box?
Answer: No, but a tin can

3. Question: Sdrawkcab noitseuq siht rewsna
Answer: O.K  (Read the question and answer backwards)

4. Question: Click the answer
Answer: --> Click on "The Answer"

5. Question: Put the mouse...
    ... on here
Answer: Move your mouse to the circle as indicated

5b.  Now, dont touch blue
Answer:  Move the mouse right off the window and around to the "next question" button

6. Question: Square Root of Onion
Answer: Shallots

7. Question: The answer is really big
Answer: An Elephant

8. Question: SEARCH!
Answer:  Move your mouse and search for "Yes!".  I found it just below the SE of SEARCH.  Click it.

9. Question: What was the answer to question 2?
Answer: Top Right "That One" with the arrow pointing lower left.

10. Question: Choose food
Answer: the dentures

11. Question: What follows December 2nd?
Answer: n

12. Question: Click the smallest
Answer: Click the small blue circle from the letter i in "click".

13. Question: What sound does a bell make?
Answer: F'Taaang

14. Question: What can you put in a bucket to make it lighter?
Answer: Torch

15. Question: Neigh! Whinny!
Answer: HORSE (select the 5 letters on the on-screen keyboard)

16. Question: What is the 7th letter of the alphabet?
Answer: H
(Count the 7th letter in the phrase "The Alphabet")

17. Question: 24 - 7 - ?
Answer: 17 (click the red 17. top left corner)

18. Question: STOP...
Answer:  Hammer

19. Question: Colour in the correct order
Answer: Blue Orange Green Green Yellow (as per the BOGGY name)

20: Question: Deal or no deal?
Answer: Seal!

21: Question: Watch carefully!
Answer: The green one.  Top left for me.

22. Question: The choice is yours.
Answer: +1 Skip

23. Question: Save changes to 'untitled'?
Answer: Bran

24: Question: red, yellow, green, blue, purple
Answer:  Click the V in LIVES.
(Hover your mouse over the 5 colours and if you superimpose all the letters it will tell you "click the V in lives")

25: Question: How do you kill a werewolf?
Answer:  Shoe Polish

26: Question: Which of these place names does not exist?
Answer:  Arsefacey

27: Question: I hope you've been paying attention to the question numbers!
Answer: Go to 28.

28: Question: What is this?
Answer: Abundance (A bun dance!)

29. What flavor is cardboard?
Answer: Egg Mayonnaise

30. Question: Put the mouse on here.
Then do not touch green.

31. Question: A dog
Answer: woof woof woof
(If you look at the picture of the dog, it will woof 3x)

32: Question: What are the main ingredients of shampoo?
Answer: Babycham and human faeces

33:  Question: How many letters in his hand?
Answer: 7
(Count the letters in the phrase "His Hand")

34: Question: Elephants do not like mice
Answer: Just wait till the elephants ran in.  Your mouse have to be off the window.

35: Question: If you press this button it is Game Over
Answer: Wait a second or 2...with your mouse out of the window. Click the Green face

36: Question: What do you call a wingless fly?
Answer: A walk

37:Question: Can you get this question wrong?
Answer: Of course not, or any of the answers will do.

38: Question:  Mary Rose sat on a pin.
Answer: Mary Rose

39. Question: A can with yellow eyes and 2 legs
Answer: Cylindrical adventures

40. Question: Put the mouse on the red dot.
Answer:  You need to build a bridge to the next button.  Right click so that the flash menu pops up.  Then move over the the button.

41. Question: A picture of a duck with the link http://etinogard.deviantart.com
Answer: Afro Head (Hover your mouse over the head to highlight "Afro Head")

42. Question:  What is the answer to live, the universe, and everyhing?
Answer: Click the 42'nd number 42. (Bottom of 2nd column)

43. Question: Bridget makes everyone...
Answer: Tom Cruise

44. Question: Puzzle pieces
Answer: Build the puzzle by moving the pieces around.  It says "Click here" with an arrow to a dot.  Click the dot.  (Shortcut:  Just move the piece with the 44. away and click the pick circle where that piece was)

45. Question: In wingdings font, the question is "Potatoes fly".
Answer: Wrong (top right)

46. Question: Picture of 2 eyes looking at a picture
Answer: OMGF

47. Question: Vanish
Answer: Move your mouse to the red dot.  Click when it turns green.

48. Question: Snake?  Snake!?

49. Question: Which is the correct spelling?
Answer: Splapp-me-do

50. Question: Remember: Blue, red, blue, yellow 108 = 4 8 15 16 23 42
Answer: O.K.

51: Question: 2 characters fighting
Answer: I repeatedly clicked the right character to punch the left character.  After about 15 punches you move on.


  1. very helpful was struggling a bit

  2. game over? im on 53 now. i clicked the left guy

  3. HORSE isn't the answer to 15

    1. ya it is you must have an old version

    2. yes it is I did it and it worked...

  4. where's the rest of the answers because i got to level 52 and died and went back to level one XC
    but thank you very helpful

  5. There Are 3 Impossible Quizzes 1 is Impossible Quiz 1 2 is Impossible Quiz 2 And 3 is Impossible Quiz Book