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Scientist House Escape Walkthrough

Scientist House Escape Walkthrough
Scientist House Escape Solution

Walkthrough solution for Scientist House Escape with detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions on how to solve.  Tips, hints, and tricks provided in this guide.

Scientist House Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You start in the lounge:

Take one flower from the flowers in the red vase on the coffee table.
Take paper D from on top of the books on the coffee table.
Take the iron crust from the pot plant at the stairs
Take the first quarter picture from on top of the flower painting on the wall.
Take the beaker, paper A, and the waxing crescent  from the shelf

Go right to the master bedroom

Take the waxing gibbous  from under the TV
Take the book on the table to the right of the bed
Take paper B from the floor
Take the scroll from the table left of the bed.
Take the beaker from the small table left of the bed
Take the brown leaf from the pot plant
Take the last quarter from the center hanging lamp.

Go right to the kiddy bedroom

Take the waning gibbous from the top lime-green drawer, right of the bed.
Take the waning crescent  from the shelf above this lime-green drawer.
Taker paper C from the shelf left of the bed

Zoom in on the closet door with the star + circles
Add the gibbous, crescents and quarters
Take the red crystal

Go right to the kitchen

Take a red chilly  from the plate on the counter top.
Take a beaker  from the top right cupboard and another beaker from the top left cupboard.
Take Acid Bottles A, B, C and D from the top drawer on the left.
Take the chemical gel from the middle drawer on the right.
Take the glass container on the counter to the left.

Zoom in on Paper A then add B, C, and D
Look at the paper:

Leaf + flower + chilly + yellow gel

Zoom in on the Acid Bottle and add the other bottles.
Add the leaf into A
Add the flower in B
Add the chilly in C
Add the yellow gel into D

Take the bottles.

Zoom in on the glass container
Add Bottles A, B, C and D
Take the glass

Zoom in on the scroll
Add the glass

You will see code 2592

Open the locked cupboard with the code 2592
Take the blue, red, and yellow bottles.

Read the book

Blue  + Red  = Purple
Yellow + Blue = Green
Red + Yellow = Orange
Purple + Orange + Green + Crystal = final mixture

Zoom in on an empty beaker
Add blue and red to make purple

Zoom in on the next empty beaker
Add yellow and blue to make green

Zoom in on the last empty beaker
Add yellow and red to make orange

Zoom in on the beaker with the blue base
Add the purple, orange, and green beakers
Add the crystal

Take the chemical in the beaker.

Zoom in on the piece of iron
Add the chemical

Take the door key

Go all the way left to the lounge
Zoom in on the front door on the left
Open the door using the key

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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