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Escape Challenge Walkthrough Levels 1 to 5

Escape Challenge Walkthrough Levels 1 to 5  
Escape Challenge Solution Level 1 to 5

Full walkthrough solution for "Escape Challenge".   Detailed explanations including tips, tricks, and help to solve the first 10 levels of Escape Challenge.  This walkthrough guide is developed for the Android version, but the methods will be applicable to other platforms, although the screen prints might be slightly different.

Solutions to levels 6 to 10 can be found here.

Escape Challenge Level 1 Walkthrough

Level 1 is more a tutorial on how to play Escape Challenge.  Not much of a challenge here... just follow the instructions.
Tap the cabinet on the left.
Tap the bottom drawer to view the note.
Remember the number on the note - my note displays 2134
Tap the top drawer
Insert he number you saw on the note, but tapping the astrix's (*).
Tap the cabinet handle then take the flashlight.

Zoom out (tap the down arrow at the cabinet)
Zoom in on the painting above the couch.  Notice the light area at the base of the couch.
Zoom out of the paining

Zoom in on the base of the couch as per the painting.
Select the flashlight then shine below the couch.
Take the key.

Use the key to unlock the door.
The door will open.  Tap the door and level 1 will be solved!

Escape Challenge Level 2 Walkthrough

Zoom in on the painting on the wall.  Take the green circle object on the top right corner.
Zoom in on the clock above the door and notice the time:  02:35

Zoom in on the top drawer and change the digits (starts as asterix's) to 0235
Tap the drawer handle and the drawer will open.  Take the key.

Open the cabinet to the right of the door using the key.
Take the yellow half-moon shape object from the top compartment.
Look at the bottom compartment to see the code 2103
Look at the middle compartment.  Adjust the pins...
You need to tap each pin from left to right using the code 2103 you saw in the bottom compartment.
Tap the 1st pin until it drops down.  This will be position 0.  Now tap it 2 more times,
Tap the 2nd pin until it drops down, then tap 1 more time.
Tap the 3rd pin until it drops down, leave it to represent 0.
Tap the 4th pin until it drops down.  Tap it 3 more times.
Now zoom out, then tap the top of the pin container to open.  Take the green square shape object.
Zoom out.

Zoom in on the bottom drawer.
Insert the 3 shapes.
Tap the handle to open the bottom drawer.
Take the door key.
Use the door key on the front door to solve level 2!

Escape Challenge Level 3 Walkthrough

Take the screwdriver from the set of drawers on the right.
Notice the Green #5 on the scroll next to where you got the screwdriver.
Zoom in on the laptop and notice the Blue #4
Zoom in on the pot plant on the left.  You will see a Red #2
Zoom in on the snowman on the shelf and see a Yellow #3

Zoom in on the brown box on the floor.
Open by adjusting each color to its corresponding number,.
Green = 5, Red = 2, Blue = 4, Yellow = 3.
Tap the handle to open, then take the key.

Zoom on on the top left part of the shelf.
Open the egg-shaped holder using the screwdriver.
Take the key inside.

Zoom on on the secret compartment on the floor
Unlock it using the key (If the key does not work, try the other one)
Take the golden key inside

Open the locked cupboard door under the drawers on the right, using the key. (If the key does not work, try the other one)
Open the locked cylinder inside using the golden key.
Take the blue key.

Use the blue key to unlock the door and level 3 will be solved!

Escape Challenge Level 4 Walkthrough

Zoom in on the area below the shelves on the right.  Take the red pliers.
Zoom in on the 2nd from bottom shelf.  Take the yellow triangle shape, by moving the car.
Go right.

Solve the brown pyramid puzzle.
This is an easy puzzle.  A square in the pyramid is the product of the 2 squares below it.  So the top will be 168 because 12 x 14 = 168.  (Pascal's Triangle).
Once you entered 168, tap at the base of the pyramid to open the compartment and get a memory stick.

Go left.

Zoom in on the right-side drawer below the plants on the left.
Use the memory stick top open the drawer.
Take the hook.

Go left.

Zoom in under the table.
Attach the hook to the box.
Open the box.
Use the pliers to unclip the key.  Take the key.

Go right.

Use the key to open the left side drawer under the plants on the left.
Take the 2nd yellow triangle shape.

Zoom in on the area below the shelves on the right.
Insert the 2 triangles on the yellow container.
Open the container and take the remote.

Go left.

Zoom in on the cover against the wall, left of the table.
Use the remote on the receiver to open the cover.
Take the door key.

Go right and use the door key on the door to solve level 4.

Escape Challenge Level 5 Walkthrough

Zoom in on the brown chest in the top left corner.
Here you will see a puzzle:

= 4987

V = 4 (Because 4 + 4 = 8)
D + U = 4 can only be 1+3 or 3 + 1
O + D = 7 can only be 6 + 1 (D can be 1 or 3 as per the previous line, and 4 is used by V).
SO O = 6, D = 1, U = 3
U + O = 9 then works with U = 3 and O = 6.

So, on the right we will have
+ 3641

Enter this code, then open the top of the chest.
Take the white/green egg.

Open the curtain to the left of the door and solve the rotating-piece-puzzle.
Rotate each piece in the 4x4 puzzle until it is oriented correctly.
Open the puzzle and get the 2nd egg.
Notice the clue inside 3 horizontal lines = circle

Zoom in on the skull on the right on the table.
Adjust the skull's eyes as per the 3-lines and circle clue.  Left eye should be 3 horizontal lines.  Right eye must contain a circle.
Take the key from the skull's mouth.

Open the yellow pyramid box in the right using the key.
Take the 3rd green-and-white egg.

Zoom in on the center area on the floor.
Insert the 3 eggs.  Each egg got its specific location.
Pull the lever.
The screen will shake and you will see a table.

Take the key below the table.
Use the key to unlock the door.
Level 5 solved!

Well done on completing the first 5 levels of Escape Challenge.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

Next 5 level's walkthroughs can be found here.

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