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Escape the Room Walkthrough

Escape the room walkthrough solution.  Step-by-step walkthrough solution to help you solve Escape The Room.  A point-and-click room escape game created by Andrew Gibson and hosted by addictinggames.com.  You can play the windows version here.

The walkthrough will include screen prints and detailed explanations to help you solve all the puzzles and escape alive!  If you are stuck or do not know what to do, then read on!  This walkthrough will make mince-meat out of Escape the Room.

Escape The Room Walkthrough starts here:

You start the adventure at the exit door.

Go right (click near the right edge of the room to go right)
You are now in the room with the red box

Take the battery cell from the middle drawer

Go right
You are now in the room with the broken wire

Go right
You are now in the picture frame room

Go right
You are now in the couch room

Take the yellow key from the yellow pillow.

Go right
You are now in the TV room
Switch on the TV.  You will see a picture of an owl.

Go right
You are now in the electronic lock room

Take the sheet of aluminium foil from the floor.

Go right.  You are now at the exit door where you started.

We have 3 items:  Key, battery, aluminium.
Most people get this far and then they are stuck.
Let me help you get unstuck!

Go 2 screens to the right where the broken wire is.

Zoom in on the machine on the shelf.
The hot-spot is tricky to find...  Its just right of the device.
Now you will see the side of the machine:

Insert the battery cell.
Zoom out.

Now you can click the machine and get a screwdriver.

Go left to the screen with the red box.

Use the screwdriver on the box.  You pick it up.
Use the small yellow key on the red box.
Now you have a blunt knife.

Use the knife on the foil.
Now you have a sharp knife.

The green book on the shelf... click it and you will see: "The spine of this book is bulging"
Use the knife on this book and you will get a tweezers.

Go right and right again to the room with the paining.

Zoom into the painting.  The hot-spot is the left eye.

You can see a red mark in it.
Use the tweezers on the red eye.  You will get the message "I extracted the red object and heard a click noise"

Now, look under the table to get the duck tape.
The hot spot is near the left leg

Go to the room with the broken wire
Use the duck tape to repair

You will hear another click and the electromagnetic lock will now be open.
Go the the room with the electromagnetic box

Open it

Take the master key.
Go to the EXIT door.
Use the master key on the door to escape.

Well done on the great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.