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Escape from Wicked Alchemist Walkthrough

Escape from Wicked Alchemist Walkthrough. Escape from Wicked Alchemist Solution.

Here is the full walkthrough solution to help you solve the wicked alchemist game.  Escape from Wicked Alchemist is a point-and-click room escape game hosted at 123bee.com.  It is medium-easy and should take you anything from 20 minutes to 1 hour to solve.  If you are stuck or need a walkthrough to assist you, then this is the guide you need!  I will provide tips, tricks, hints, help, and detailed explanations to the puzzles in this walkthrough.  I will help you to escape form the wicked alchemist's house... alive!!

About Escape form Wicked Alchemist: The 490th escape game from 123bee.com. Every night I hear some strange noise from my neighbor house. I have complaint about this to everyone but no use. So, one final day I entered in to that house by midnight. When I entered the house, I perplexed. It’s not a formal house, looks weird. I got afraid and tried to walk off, but the door gets locked. I got trapped inside the house. Help me to escape!

Escape from the Wicked Alchemist walkthrough starts here:

You start in the alchemist's laboratory:

Take the big white bone from the skeleton.
Zoom in on the vicious plant.  Give the bone to the plant, then take the silver key.

Open the right side cupboard above the plant.
Take the silver key.

Zoom in on the brown box at the base of the old golden telephone.
Open the box
Take the golden key inside.

Go right.

Take the candle.

Open the drawer of the dressing table.
Take the piece of scroll.

Zoom in on the compass.
Take the blue triangle piece.

Zoom in on the table on the right.
Take the black pot.

Go right.

Take the second piece of scroll from the bookcase.  Around the top left.
Add the 2 pieces of scroll together.  You will see a picture of 3 keys.

Zoom in on the painting on the bottom right corner.
Solve this easy rotating puzzle, by rotating each piece till it is correct.

Take the red diamond.
Take the flower box.

Zoom in on the flower box.
Solve this easy puzzle by rotating each flower so that its brown stripe points to the brown square next to it.

Take the green diamond.

Go right

Take a blue triangular piece from the knight's head.
Take the key hanging from the frame in the center on the wall.
Take the knife from the bookcase on the right.

Zoom in on the red box on the wall
Click the center
Insert the red diamond

Take the yellow diamond.

Go left

Zoom in on the casket next to the white statue at the back.
Open the lock using the silver key

Zoom in on the skeleton head
Use the knife to retrieve the red diamond.
(There is a bug in the game... you can come back later once you used the red diamond and fetch another one here)

Go left all the way to the start area.
Zoom in on the bowl on the right.
Add the black pot to the bowl.
The parrot will come down and drink...

Take the blue triangle piece from its cage.

Now you will have 3 blue triangle pieces.

Go right, and right again.
The room with the many books.

Zoom in on the chest at the book case.
Insert the 3 triangles into the chest.

Take the blue diamond.

Go left.

Zoom in on the scroll
Add the candle to see the 3 keys more clearly:

Zoom in on the brown locked book to the right of the statue.

Unlock with the silver key
Then the golden key
Then the black key

Take the pink diamond.

Zoom in on the cupboard with the 6 holes in it.
Insert the 5 colored diamonds

The door will open!

Well done on a great escape.

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough for Escape from Wicket Alchemist.
Have a happy day!

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