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Escape the Bloody Prom walkthrough

Escape from the Bloody Prom walkthrough
Escape from the Bloody Prom solution

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to solve the bloody prom room-escape game.  This guide will provide you with instructions, tips, tricks, and hints with detailed explanations to all the puzzles.  If you are stuck in the prom and do not know what to do, then this guide is for you!  Escape from the bloody prom alive by following this walkthrough.  "Escape from the Bloody Prom" is available on the windows platform for free from addingtinggames.com.   Escape the Bloody Prom is a point-and-click room escape game.  It is of medium difficulty and should take you between 30 minutes and 1 hour to solve.

Escape the Bloody Prom walkthrough starts here:

Your escape start at the center stage where a bloody lady is on stage and a red car has crashed through the window...

Pick up the purple purse from the base of the front table on the right.
Open the purse and take the camera battery.
Take the key from the typewriter at the same table you found the purse.
Take the red bucket on the stage
Take the tiara (1/10) on the letter S on the curtains.

Zoom in on the stage lights. Take the tiara (2/10) from the center pole

Turn right so that you are facing the bathroom door.

Zoom in on the red car.
Take a tiara (3/10) from the car's grill
Open the car's engine cap then take the screwdriver

Zoom in on the tricycle and take the crowbar from its handlebars.
Notice the owner is FIDO.

Enter the bathroom

Take a tiara (4/10) from the floor at the 2nd toilet door.

Turn right

Take the pliers from the pipe of the sink
Open the dustbin and take a tiara (5/10) and a discarded prom dress

Turn right and right again so you face the Janitor's Closet

Open the Janitor's Closet using the key.
Take the broom and dust pan

Turn right so that you face the toilets.

Open the "out of order" toilet door.  The password is FIDO (name on the tricycle)
Use the broom to flush the clown down.
Take the balloons.

Turn right so that you face the sinks
Zoom in on the sink
Open the tap
Insert the dust pan
Zoom out
Place the bucket so that it fills with water:

Take the bucket with water.  Close the tap.  :-)

Exit the bathroom

Zoom in on the fire
Use the bucket with water to kill the fire.
Take the tiara (6/10)
Take the burnt axe head.

Zoom in on the red curtain with pillars:
Take the camera from the left pillar.
Take the tiara (7/10) from the second pillar
Take the wrench from the 3rd pillar

Zoom on on the knife at the center stage.
Use the pliers to retrieve the knife

Zoom in on the broker speaker on the floor
Use the crowbar to take the cover off.
Take the tiara (8/10) and the pez dispenser.

Zoom in on the pez dispenser
Open the head then take the small key.

Zoom in on the power panel behind the stage.
Open the panel using the small key

Take the battery charger.
A fuse is missing...  Insert the broken axe to make a connection!

Turn right and zoom in on the wall socket
Insert the battery into the battery charger
Plug the charger into the wall socket so that the battery can charge

Take the charged battery.

Zoom in on the balloons
Pop them with the knife
Take the SD card.

Turn right so that you face the back

Zoom in on the exit door

Take a tiara (9/10) from the chair
Take the gun from between the chairs

Open the fan cover using the screwdriver.
Take the tiara (10/10)

Zoom in on the camera
Open the battery compartment
Load the battery
Close the compartment
Open the SD card cover
Insert the SD card
Close the cover
Look at the photos.  Pay attention to the stage light... the right-most light is on.

Zoom in on the control box on the stage
There will be power because of your temporary fuse.
Switch on the right-most lever:

Zoom out, and then zoom in where the purple stage light is shining.
You will see the code 2391

Zoom in on the control panel covered with blood next to the exit door
Clear the blood with the discarded prom dress

Insert the code 2391 as per the numbers shown by the stage light
Press the green button to switch off the fan.

Zoom in on the fan
Remove the fan using the wrench

Enter the hole

If you managed to get all 10 tiaras, the prom ghost will thank you.
Now use your gun and kill 10 monsters
This shooting part was very buggy for me.

Well done on a great escape!

Note: I think there is a bug with the Tiaras. When I had all 10 tiaras, I zoomed in on the Tiara and then suddenly it showed 0/10 tiaras.  Also, when I replayed the game, all the tiaras were gone.  I had to reload the game from scratch to get the tiaras again.