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100 Gates Walkthrough - Gates 31 to 40

100 Gates Walkthrough - Levels 31 to 40
Walkthrough, tips, tricks, cheats, and solutions to 
Gates 31 to 40 of 100 Gates.

100 Gates: Gate 31 Walkthrough:
Turning Gears with Clocks

100 Gates level 31 Solution:
There are 4 clocks spinning.
After a certain number of rotations, each clock changes direction.
Count the rotations (full cycle) per clock per direction.
Change the counter for each clock to indicate this number.

Blue: 4
Pink: 6
Purple: 9

Tap the skull and exit level 31!

100 Gates: Gate 32 Walkthrough:
Leonardo da Vince's Mona Lisa Puzzle

100 Gates level 32 Solution:

This is a simple sliding puzzle in the form of the Mona Lisa
If you do not know how to solve these puzzles, or if you battle especially with the last 2 rows, then read the 1st comment here that contains a link to a good explanation on how to solve.

The final picture looks like this:

Click the Mona to complete level 32.

100 Gates: Gate 33 Walkthrough:
Rotating Map of the earth

100 Gates level 33 Solution:

You need to rotate each circle to complete a map of the earth.
Final picture looks like the print above^^^

Press the Wheel bottom left and the circle of the same color will rotate.
The wheel rotate red-blue-yellow-green and repeat the same sequence over and over.

Press the green arrow when done to solve level 33.

100 Gates: Gate 34 Walkthrough:
More clocks and gears

100 Gates level 34 Solution:

Drag all the gears to the grid so that no gear repeats itself horizontally or vertically.

A possible solution would be:
(imagine each number is a different gear)


100 Gates: Gate 35 Walkthrough:
Pirate Clock

100 Gates level 35 Solution:

Step1: Shake the device to get rid of the leaves.
(I found it best to turn the device upside-down and shake a bit)

There are 3 puzzles to solve:

Top puzzle: 1 2 3 5 x
X = 8 (Fibonacci sequence)

Bottom left puzzle:

Answer = 9 (each column adds up to 9)

Bottom right puzzle:
20 17 15
5   _  14
8  9  11

Answer = 3 (Start at 20 and go around clock-wise: -3 = 17; -2 = 15, -1 = 14.  Then -3 = 11 etc.
you will end to get the middle figure with 5 - 2 = 3)

So, to solve, tap the top skull 8 times
tap the bottom left skull 9 times
tap the bottom right skull 3 times.

If correct the 3 skulls will go smaller.

Tap the center skull to solve level 35.

100 Gates: Gate 36 Walkthrough:
Keys of plenty

100 Gates level 36 Solution:

Each key = a number.  See the top row of keys.

On the left is some maths you need to replace the value of the key.
Solve each row, and place the correct  key(s) from the bottom on the door for each row.

Row1: 46-36=20
Row2: 89-83=6
Row3: 15+28=43
Row4: 27+48=75

If you placed the correct keys, then all of them will do a 360 and you can exit door 36.

100 Gates: Gate 37 Walkthrough:
Red lasers

100 Gates level 37 Solution:

To win door 37, you need to make all 3 lasers hit the 3 switches at the same time.

Shake the device to get the bottom left laser moving.
Tap the bottom right laser to get it moving.

To win this door, tap bottom right laser when top is facing north-east.
then you need to shake when the top laser is facing south-east

Tap the middle as soon as all 3 lasers touch the switches.

100 Gates: Gate 38 Walkthrough:
Dragon mirror image

100 Gates level 38 Solution:

Tap the top 2 dragons so that their heads are facing up
Tap the bottom 2 dragons until their heads face downwards
Now you have a mirror image.

This will reveal a key.
Take the key and unlock the door.

Press the green arrow and win door 38.

100 Gates: Gate 39 Walkthrough:
Apple Maths Weigh Scale

100 Gates level 39 Solution:

Solve all the maths of the apples.
Add up all the totals and you will get 222.

Now, work out how to get to 111 (half of 222).
You need 2 sets of 6 apples that get to 111.

The first 6 you place left, the other 6 goes right.
If it balance then you can exit door 39.

Here is a possible solution:
LEFT -->
3x3 = 9
89-86 = 3

TOTAL = 111

37-21 = 16
13x2 = 26
5x5 = 25
18+9 = 27
30-30 = 0
9+8 = 17

TOTAL = 111

LEFT = RIGHT = Balance!

Tap the top then the green arrow to win door 39

100 Gates: Gate 40 Walkthrough:
Red blue yellow white gems

100 Gates level 40 Solution:

Turn the inside circle so that the blue gem is facing the blue lion.
Turn the middle circle so that blue gem is facing blue lion and another blue gem is facing green lion, and a white gem is facing yellow lion.
Turn the outer circle until the yellow gem is facing the yellow lion.

Why the above:
To get the blue lion, the combination will be blue, blue, white (which make blue)
To get the purple lion, the combination facing it will be: blue, red, white (which make purple)
To get the green lion, the combination facing it will be: Yellow, blue, white (which make green)
To get the yellow lion, the combination facing it will be: white, white, yellow (which make yellow)

That's it for now.
More coming soon!

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