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100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough Doors 1 to 20

Walkthrough, tips, hints, solutions and the guide to 
100 Doors 2013.  
Doors 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 and 20.

100 Doors 2013: Door 1: 

Level 1 solution: 
Just tap the elevator button and exit.

100 Doors 2013: Door 2:

Level 2 solution: 
Turn the tablet upside-down and wait for the ball to raise until it press the red button.  Exit

100 Doors 2013: Door 3:

Level 3 solution: 
Pick up the black ball.  Enter it at the bottom of the pipe.  Turn tablet upside-down and ball will roll and press the red button.

100 Doors 2013: Door 4:

Level 4 solution: 
Shake the tablet and the ball-pyramid will fall down.  Pick up the key.  Use the key to open the door.

100 Doors 2013: Door 5:

Level 5 solution: 
Pull the stick to the left.  Pull the noose down.  Door will open.

100 Doors 2013: Door 6:

You see a door and the number 3 and 3 above with 5 and 5 below the door.

Level 6 solution: 
Tap the keypad and enter 3,3,5,5.  Door will open

100 Doors 2013: Door 7:

Level 7 solution: 
Pick up the keycard.  Use the keycard on the keypad, into the slot.  Door will open.

100 Doors 2013: Door 8:

Level 8 solution: 
Take the ax.  Use the ax to break the wood. Take the silver ball.  Use the ball in the pipe above the door.
Tilt the table so the ball roll to the left.  Door will open.

100 Doors 2013: Door 9:

Level 9 solution: 
Tile the table left and right so that the weights swing the 2 doors open.

100 Doors 2013: Door 10:

Level 10 solution: 
The answer for level 10 was a bit tricky:
Shake the tablet so that the 3 poles fall down.  Now you will see the code I V III V IV. (The last IV is the 3 poles on the floor that makes an upside-down IV)
Exit using the keypad and entering 1,5,3,5,4

100 Doors 2013: Door 11:

Level 11 solution: 
Hint: Count the number of 90degree angles in each picture.  Use that number to open the door.
Answer is 4,2,1,3

100 Doors 2013: Door 12:

Level 12 solution: 
Tilt the tablet so a rock rolls into play.
Pick up the rock and use it to smash the glass to the right of the door. This will reveal number 4.
Exit using the keypad and entering 7,8,3,4.

100 Doors 2013: Door 13:

Level 13 solution: 
Pick up the ice-cube holder.  Use it with the tap.
Use the ice and tap <0 (probably because the ice is just under 0 degrees Celsius)

100 Doors 2013: Door 14:

Level 14 solution: 
Slide with your finger from the print up to the tip of the arrow on the left.  Then from the print to the tip downwards on the right.

100 Doors 2013: Door 15:

Level 15 solution: 
Light the buttons green, starting at the top left and follow the lines.  Then start bottom-right and work your way up on the right-hand side.

100 Doors 2013: Door 16:

Level 16 solution: 
Shake the tablet so that the light falls down.  Pick up the key and use the key on the door to exit.

100 Doors 2013: Door 17:

Level 17 solution: 
Get the snake-food from the shelf.
Use at the top bowl.
Get some more and repeat.  The snake will reveal the code: 7,9,1,1
Exit using this code on the keypad.

100 Doors 2013: Door 18:

Level 18 solution: 
Use 2 fingers and drag at the same time from both the white circles to the top.

100 Doors 2013: Door 19:

Level 19 solution: 
Move the 6 balls so that they resemble the pattern on the floor.
Left from top-to-bottom should be left, right, right.
Right from top-to-bottom should be left, left, right.

100 Doors 2013: Door 20:

Level 20 solution: 
Use the left and right arrows to get to the numbers 1,3,6,8 on the wheel.  Each time you reach the number, tap the green button and then continue to the next number.  Note:  The right button turns the wheel 3 times clockwise and the left button turns the wheel 2 times anti-clockwise.


  1. Thank you for the 100 Doors Walkthrough! Most levels are solvable but some are rather tricky and need some extraordinary thinking outside the box to solve them. Your walkthrough are very helpful. Merci.

  2. Thank you, Freddy. Glad you find my 100 Doors 2013 Walktrough useful. Try to solve them first without reading the solution. Only use the online guides if you are really really stuck on a level!

    Have a happy day!

  3. Hey
    I dont understand door15

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