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100 Missions Las Vagas Mission 13 Walkthrough

100 Missions Las Vagas Mission 13 Walkthrough

Walkthrough, Solution, Guide, Tips and Tricks to Solve 
100 Missions: Las Vagas - Mission 13.

100 Missions Mission 13 - The Office Walkthrough

Need help to solve level 13?  Read on!

Find out about a car-smuggler and break out of the office.

Agent, you are going to Las Vegas to tack used-car-dealer down.  Start searching the top-floor office, because our shady dealer was there this morning...

You start in the Las Vegas Office, in the Board Room:

Pick up the paper clip staple from the table.
Pick up the Malboro smokes from the table.
Look at the plant in the corner then take the small key behind it.
Look on the bottom-left chair to get another key.

Go Right.

Go Right.

Use the small key to open the white door.
Enter the room.

Take the step ladder.
Look in the dustbin for a note with text:

101, 112, 131, 415 ...
(The next number will be 161.  
If you wonder why, then break them up into 2 digits each
 then it will read 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 ...)

Nothing else to do here, so exit the computer room.

Go left.

Use the keypad and enter the code 161.
Enter the door.

Take the gloves from the first-aid-kit.
Take the air freshener spray.
Take the 100W light bulb.
Take the stylish lighter from the box under the table.

Go right and right 

Enter the white door.
The room is dark.
Use the light-bulb on the desk lamp.  If you cannot see the desk-lamp, it is sort of in the center middle of the screen.  Now there will be light:

Take the sticky tape from the shelf.
Take the office tool scissors from the table.
In your inventory, use the sticky tape on the scissors.
Use the cabinet key to open the cabinet below the table.
Open the top drawer and take a glass with fingerprint.

Use the sticky tape on the glass to extract the print.
Use the glove with the print.

Use the glove to open the door with the green-hand-sensor and enter.

Use the air-freshener in the room to expose the laser beams.
Double-tap the staple in your inventory to make a lock picking tool.
Use the lock-picking staple on the keypad on the right wall.
Use the ladder on the floor under the smoke detector.

Use the lighter on the packet of cigarettes
Use the cigarette on the smoke detector.

Exit the room and enter the room with the KeyPad.

You can now take the fire axe from the wall.

Go back to the room with your ladder.
Use the fire axe to break the log on the door on the left.
Exit via this door.

Well done, Agent!


  1. Thank you Mr Maakal for the walk-through for 100 Missions. You have been a great help.

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