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100 Doors 2014 Walkthrough levels 1 to 10

100 Doors 2014 Walkthrough levels 1 to 10

The solutions, answers, walkthrough, and guide to 
100 Doors 2014.  
This will help you solve levels 1 to 10

Welcome to 100 Doors 2014.
In order to continue to next level
you must solve the puzzle and open the door.

Hint: Some puzzles can only be
solved by shaking/tilting/swiping your phone (or device)

100 Doors 2014 Door 1 Walkthrough
Mr Anderson's office
Picasso, brown door, key under carpet.

100 Doors 2014 Level 1 solution:
To solve door 1,
Pick up the key under the carpet,
use it to unlock the door to Mr Anderson's room.
Tap the green arrow and you solved the 1st puzzle.

100 Doors 2014 Door 2 Walkthrough
Mr Goran's door.

100 Doors 2014 Level 2 solution:

Look at the clock.  It is 11:45
Use the keypad next to the door and use the code 1145 to win this level.
Tap the green arrow and exit level 2.

100 Doors 2014 Door 3 Walkthrough
Mr Lambert's door

100 Doors 2014 Level 3 solution:

There are 3 bars with a red line on each.  Beneath them a button.
You need to tap and hold the button under each bar so that it fills up.
When all 3 bars have filled above the red line, the door will open.
You need to press and hold all 3 simultaneously.  If your device cannot handle this, then
 first fill the one with the lowest red bar to the top
then you should have enough time to fill the other 2.

Tap green arrow and exit level 3.

100 Doors 2014 Door 4 Walkthrough
Mr Smith's office

100 Doors 2014 Level 4 solution:

Tilt your device so that the glass bowl on the shelf falls off and break.
This will reveal the key.
Use the key on the door to win puzzle 4.

100 Doors 2014 Door 5 Walkthrough
Crew's door

100 Doors 2014 Level 5 solution:

You will see the letters EBDG on the screen.
EBDG counts to 5247
Use code 5247 on keypad to solve door 5.

100 Doors 2014 Door 6 Walkthrough
Mr Freeman's door

100 Doors 2014 Level 6 solution:

There are 4 shapes on the door.
Count the angles on each.
3 5 7 and  7

Use keypad and enter 3577 to solve door 6.

100 Doors 2014 Door 7 Walkthrough
Mr Johansson's door.

100 Doors 2014 Level 7 solution:

Tilt your device so that the stripped painting move up and reveal a key.
Use the key and unlock door 7.

Puzzle 7 solved.

100 Doors 2014 Door 8 Walkthrough
Mr Studinski's door

100 Doors 2014 Level 8 solution:

Use your device and make a couple of 360 degree turns.
You will notice a yellow bar climbing on the battery
Once the yellow has climb all the way, the door will open.

100 Doors 2014 Door 9 Walkthrough
Ms Stookes Door

100 Doors 2014 Level 9 solution:

Move the dustbin to reveal a keypad.
From top to bottom, count the number of circles on each shelf.
2 1 4 1

Use code 2141 on the keypad to solve puzzle 9.

100 Doors 2014 Door 10 Walkthrough
Mr Johannson's polka-dot office

100 Doors 2014 Level 10 solution:

The hint below the door is green, blue, red, yellow.
Count the greens, blues, reds, yellows.
1 4 (include the blue door knob!)  6  3

Use the keypad with 1463
to solve puzzle 10.

Well done!
First 10 puzzle doors completed on 100 Doors 2014.
Not that was not too hard?!
Hope this guide was helpful.
Will be back later with the solutions for the next 10 doors.

Bye for now!

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