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Escape 3D: The Library - Part 3 Walkthrough

Escape 3D: The Library - Part 3 Walkthrough

Here is the solutions and answers to solve part 3 of Escape 3d: The Library

I reached a new room...
But I couldn't escape yet!
The exit is locked tight...

That metal case look suspicious...

You start in the reading room of the library.

Hint: To solve part 3, you will need to get hold of 4 colored slices to open the ammo door,
then "create" your exit using a powerful weapon.

Nothing to do here, so go right.

Take the saw from the table.
Read the book on the table:

And the other book:

Puzzles to solve:
0,1,1,_,3,5. Answer = 2.  This is a Fibonacci sequence.
A, B, _ , H, P = D.  The difference from A to B = 1, B to D = 2, D to H = 4, H to P = 8...
11 14 22 31
5   7   9   11
6   _   13   20
Answer = 7  : Subtract the middle from the top to get the bottom row.

So we have ROW 2, Shelf D, Book 7.

Go right.

Take the blue slice from the table.
Look at the Battle Ships game:

Go right.

Pick up the scissors from the table

Go downstairs to the room with the 4 book shelf's.
Go to Row 2, The Shelf D, and tap the 7th book.
Take the green slice.

Row 2, Shelf B, the last book, tap it to get the purple piece. (I think this was the battle-ships hint)

Go to the fallen shelf and use the scissors to cut the rope.
Take the hook

Go to this room with the exit door.

Use the saw to cut off the shelf-ladder.

Use the saw in your inventory on the ladder again to make a pole.
Use the hook on the pole.
Use the rope on the pole.

Go back to the start room, then left until you get to the room with the open window.

Zoom in on the window.
Use the rope-hook-pole to retrieve the orange slice.

Go down and around to the secret ammo room.
Zoom in on the color wheel.

Complete the color wheel as per the hint from the book:
Red + Blue = purple
Orange is opposite of blue

1 3 2
_ 4 _

4 is opposite of 3.

Secret ammo room door now open.

Enter the secret room.

Take the empty launcher.
Take the rocket.
Insert the rocket into the launcher.

Go back out then right to the EXIT room:

Use the rocket launcher to shoot open the door.

(Miraculously the ladder fixed itself and returned to the shelf)


Well done in solving Part 3 of Escape 3D - The Library!


  1. thanks it took nearly half an hour to solve without u but u helped so thanks