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100 Missions Las Vegas: Mission 14 Walkthrough

Walkthrough, Solutions, Tips, Hints, and Answers to solve: 
100 Missions Level 14 - Through the corridor.

"100 Missions Level 14 Walkthrough"

Make your way through the maze of hotel rooms.

You doing well, Agent.  Now you are in VIP apartments in the west wing of the Hotel.
Mortimer's greed room is somewhere nearby.  Find it!

If you are stuck, this guide and walkthrough will walk you all the way through the puzzle to the exit.

You start in the passage of the west wing of the hotel and can see the clearer staff trolley in front of a room.

Look down underneath the trolley and take the door key.
Take the tea kettle.
Take the tiny tray.

There is a note on room 908.  Tale the note:
"Dear Miss Johns the walls between our rooms are very thin,
 please turn off your TV at night, I cant
have enough sleep.  
Peter Oakright 907"

Use the key to open the opposite door.  Probably room 907.
Enter the room.

Go right.

Zoom in on the pot plant.
Take the baseball bat.
Take the key to room 908 from the couch.

Go out.
Use the key to open door 908 and enter.

To the left of the bed you can pick up a rag with a perfect absorbing ability.

Exit the room.
Enter room 907 again and enter the bathroom.

Use the rag in the sink to block the drain.
Use the kettle in the sink.
The steam will fill the mirror and reveal code 1573.

Exit the bathroom.

Open the bottom right door of the closet. 
(It it does not open, use the baseball bat)
Open the safe with code 1573.

Take the note:
"905 Mortimer Greed, 
906 Collins couple with children
907 Peter Oakright (checked out yesterday),
908 Cecilia Johns"

Enter room 908.
Use the Baseball Bat to break the wall next to the TV:

Climb through the wall.

Put the tray in front of the door.
Tap the tray.
Use key 908 on the door.  This will push out the other key onto the tray.

Pick up the key 907 from the tray.

Use key 907 to open the door.

Good job, Agent!
Keep going.  Greed's apartment is round the corner...

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