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100 Gates - Gates 21 to 30 Walkthrough

100 Gates Walkthrough for levels 21 to 30.

Solution, Answers, Tips, Tricks and Cheats with the Walkthrough.

100 Gates - Gate 21
Head of the dragon

100 Gates - Level 21 Solution:
Shake the tablet to upset the dragon.  He will blow some fire and chase himself away.
Use all the pipe pieces to build a contiguous loop.  You will hear the pipe pieces click in if correct.
Open the tap to get some more water flowing.
The red dragon appears.  Slain him with the sword.
Tap the door and exit.

100 Gates - Gate 22
Scrolls in the library

100 Gates - Level 22 Solution:

Hint: Look at the symbols on the book-case -- they correspond to the 2 rows of 5 scrolls.

To solve:  There is a book on the left with white/beige pages.  Tap the correct scroll according to the pictures in this book.  Start top left and complete the row, then do the bottom row from left to right.
Look at the symbol in the book, then find the same symbol on the bookcase.  If it is on top of the book-case, then it will be the top row of scrolls.
Tap all 6 scrolls.

Tap the door.
And exit level 22.

100 Gates - Gate 23
Disks in the sand.

100 Gates - Level 23 Solution:
Move each disk to the correct location.  Each disk has a color and at each point you will find its corresponding spot.  You tap a piece and it will move to the open position.

Hint: First get the bottom 2 pieces (yellow and purple) in position.
It is easy to swap the top 3 pieces around.
To get them into position, you can rotate the pieces around anti-clock-wise and get yellow behind purple.  Then move purple into position and yellow will follow suit.

If you battle, do it in this order:  TAP
pink, yellow, purple, green
pink, blue, yellow, purple
green, pink, blue, yellow
purple, green, pink, blue, yellow.

Tap the center and the gate will open to solve level 23.

100 Gates - Gate 24
Pentagram and skulls

100 Gates - Level 24 Solution:

There is a hint on the left hand-side on the candles... The roman numerals I, II, III, IV.

I = top skull,
II = left skull,
III = right skull,
IV = bottom skull.

Press top skull.  If you do not hear a sound, tilt your device so it "stands" upright.  If correct, it will play a sound and vibration.

Now tap the left skull.  Again make it stand upright - in other words - the left side must face up.

Now the right skull.

Finish with the bottom skull.

Tap the red door.  Level 24 solved.

100 Gates - Gate 25

100 Gates - Level 25 Solution:
The clock-hands are turning.
A clog is floating around.  You can control it by tilting the device.

Look at the hint on the bottom left:
12 and 5 ( XII and V) needs to spin clock-wise
7 (VII) must spin anti-clockwise

So, move the cog and make the XII and V spin clock-wise.  Hit it again to stop and again to spin again.
Hit the VII to spin anti-clockwise.

If you struggle, follow this path:
1. Hit the V to spin clockwise.
2. Hit the XII to spin clockwise.
3. Hit the VII to spin anti-clockwise

Press the center of the clock to open the gate.
Level 25 solved.

100 Gates - Gate 26
Walk like an Egyptian

100 Gates - Level 26 Solution:
There is a sequence of patterns on the sarcophagus.
Now, to solve this level, change the order of the symbols at the top to be of the same sequence.

You can solve this with brute force, or try to figure out a scientific way to calculate...

If you struggle, use the following steps to solve:
(Number them from 1 to 5 - left to right).
Tap 5, 5, 1, 1, 5, 5

Tap the door to exit.

Level 26 solved!

100 Gates - Gate 27
Grade 1 puzzle

100 Gates - Level 27 Solution:
This is a very easy puzzle to solve.  If you struggle, ask a Grade 1 person to assist.
Just tap and rotate the pieces until they are correct.
There is red pillar on each side which should be easy to recognize when they are correct.
A red door in the middle, surrounded by a gold frame.

Once solved, tap the door to win.

100 Gates - Gate 28
Sun, Moon, and Skeleton!

100 Gates - Level 28 Solution:

Tilt your device so that the sword and shield go bottom left.
Skeleton bone and skull bottom right.  Move the moon to the top left.

If you get an item wrong, you will need to "crash" the remainder items and start over.

I did it in this order:
Start with the device tilted to all items go bottom left.  Get the sword and the shield at the armor bottom left.
Then move items top left to get the star at the moon.
Then down-right so the skull and bone get to the goblet.

Took me about 20 attempts to crack this level.

Tap the skeleton on the door to exit level 28.

100 Gates - Gate 29

100 Gates - Level 29 Solution:
You have 3 planets   - Venus, (brown one), Earth (you should know this one), and Mars (red planet).
Get them in the correct hoop.
The height of the hoop corresponds to the distance fro the sun.

Of these 3 planets, Venus are the closest to the sun so get it in the bottom hoop (bottom right)
Then Earth (left hoop) and Mars in the middle as it is the furthest away from the sun.

Tilt the deice down and get the order right.
Then tilt down to get them to fall in the correct hoop.

Tap the door in the middle to win level 29.

100 Gates - Gate 30

100 Gates - Level 31 Solution:
There are 4 keys that belong in the 4 corners.
Rotate the middle piece so that the arrow above the head points to the key position.  Then drag the key to its slot.  If correct, the key will stick.
Then rotate to the next key position and drag the next key into its place.
Repeat until all 4 keys are done.

Tap the center and exit gate 30!

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