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100 Gates Walkthrough - Gates 11 to 20

100 Gates Walkthrough - Levels 11 to 20
Answers, hints, tricks, cheats, help for 100 Gates!

100 Gates Gate 11
The fire place

100 Gates Level 11 Solution:
Move the logs and grid to the fireplace.
Shake the device for about 10 seconds and the logs will catch fire.
Tap the wooden chest.

Look at the hint at the top.  
Start with the square and move each piece to its correct location.

Square goes top left into the square "window".
Circle goes top right.
Triangle goes on the beige part of the fireplace on the top left.
Half-circle goes just above the beige of the fireplace in the middle.

You will hear a bing each time you move a correct piece to its correct location.

Tap the door to exit and win level 11.

100 Gates Gate 12
Wine cellar and spider web

100 Gates Level 12 Solution:

Take the hammer
Smash all the expensive wine bottles.
Pick up the machete

Use the machete about 3 or 4 times on the web.
Door will open.

Easy gate to solve!

100 Gates Gate 13

100 Gates Level 13 Solution:
Press the button on the chair.
This will reveal a hint: M+1, F-1 (whatever that means!)

Put your tablet flat down to make the below easier:
Rotate the device slowly until the button goes green.
Then keep it still for about 10 seconds, then the chair will disappear.

The correct position for the above is about North-North-East to point to the top of the device.

Once the chair is gone,
Tap the painting of the knight and level solved.

100 Gates Gate 14
Mirror, mirror

100 Gates Level 14 Solution:
Build the skeleton.
The skeleton's parts are all over the screen.  Drag them to the correct position.
If it does not "click" in, then find another piece as it seems that the order is important.
You need to move the weapons and shield out of the way.

Once complete, the skeleton will move a bit left on the mirror.

Tap the mirror a few times, it will shatter and breaks.
Tap the door.

100 Gates Gate 15
Star Signs

100 Gates Level 15 Solution:
Pick up the sun.  (top left).
Use the sun from your inventory and tap the sun on the door.

Now, tap the zodiac symbols that corresponds to the numbers around the door.
(1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 12)

Hint: Here are the names to the symbols:

The order of the Zodiac:
1- Aries
2- Taurus
3- Gemini
4 - Cancer
5 - Leo
6- Virgo
7- Libra
8- Scorpio
9- Sagittarius
10 - Capricorn
11 - Aquarius
12 - Pisces

So, tap Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces

Tap the green arrow to exit this gate.

100 Gates Gate 16
Cupid Compasses

100 Gates Level 16 Solution:
 I do not like these "compass" levels.  If there is another one, I will probably quit and uninstall.

You need to rotate your device and shoot a mirror image direction of each Cupid, starting bottom left and walk your way around clock-wise.  If you make a mistake, you start over.
If you care correct, the Cupid will turn gold.

For bottom left, shoot North West (The "North" part of the bow to point NW).
Tap the Bottom left Cupid when the bow points NW.

For Top Left, make the bow face South West.

For Top Right, bow faces North
For bottom right, bow faces South.

100 Gates Gate 17
Fruit for Food

100 Gates Level 17 Solution:
Press the fruit in the correct order.
Look at the rotating picture of fruit and follow the same order.

1. Apple (bottom left-side)
2. Blackberry (bottom right-side)
3. Peach (bottom row right)
4. Pear (Right-side middle)
5. Strawberry (bottom row left)
6. Cherry (middle of the bottom row)
7. Banana (middle left)
8. Watermelon (top right)
9. Lemon (top left)
10. Apple (bottom left-side)

There will be a magical sound if done correctly.
Tap the door and exit!

100 Gates Gate 18
Maths TNT

100 Gates Level 18 Solution:

Solve the roman numerals maths starting bottom left and going clockwise.
Each math's answer need to be tapped on the keypad on the door.

XV - XII = 15 - 12 = 3
X - V = 10 - 5 = 5
XXC - LXXI = 80 - 71 = 9
V + II = 5 + 2 = 7
X - IX = 10 - 9 = 1

Tap 35971

Dynamite will blow up and away
Exit level 18 

100 Gates Gate 19

100 Gates Level 19 Solution:

I do not know why this is the answer,
But to solve gate 19,
Tap the petals North, East, and West facing.

Tap the door.
Exit level 19.

100 Gates Gate 20
Plant on the door

100 Gates Level 20 Solution:
Pick up the machete
Use the machete and clear the plant.
You will see number 1032 at the top.

Press buttom left shield once.
Do not press top left shield.
Press top right shield 3 times
Press bottom right shield 2 times.

You will now see some colorful smoke from the shields to the sword.
(If you made a mistake above, restart the level)

Press and hold the sword until it disappear.
Tao the door and exit.


  1. 100 Gates Level 19 Solution -->

    Look at the 8 miniature flowers around the big centre flower picture.
    Then count the number of "blue" petal occurrences for each petal position in the 8 miniatures. You will find that all the petals occur 3 times, except North-, East- and West petals that occur only 2 times each. That is why you need to mark them blue in the centre flower so that they also occur 3 times like the rest.

    1. Thank you Chris Muis for that explanation of the complete solution for level 19. I agree with your method.

    2. I'm not sure about that explanation in this level, may it happens but wasn't the idea at the begining. The idea is to see that both left and down flowers folows the same sequence, it's is difficult to show here. For example, just seeing which are on the left, look the lower one, the top petal is color; and compare with the middle one, the petal just right the top petal in the lower flower is color in the middle one, similar happens with the left lower petal, in both are color. So there are three different petal combinations, and on the left are only two. U have to draw the missing one. I hope u catch the idea ;)

  2. In level 13... M+1 means N and F-1 means E ... That is north east ...

    1. Thank you Alice. How did I miss that??? :-)

  3. the compass levels dont work in my micromax canvas fire 4g plus.isthis something with the device

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