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100 Missions 3: Mission 16 Swimming Pool Walkthrough

100 Missions 3: Mission 16 Swimming Pool Walkthrough

Here is the Walkthrough for 100 Mission 3, Mission 16.
The solution, tips, tricks, guide, and walkthrough with instructions on how to solve mission 16.

100 Missions Las Vegas Walkthrough

This is the 4th mission in the Las Vegas series of 100 Missions.

This mission was not difficult to solve.  You should be able to complete within 1 hour.

Mission 16 - Swimming Pool.
I have to find out who Miguel is and what business he has with Greed...

Finally I am near swimming pool.
I assume, Greed and Miguel are discussing their business by now.
Let's take a look...

You start Mission 16 in the locker room of the swimming pool.

Look at the set of lockers on your left.
Open those you can and take:
a towel (wonderful and soft)
another towel (also wonderful and soft)
a 3rd towel (yes, wonderful and soft)

Exit the locker room through the red door in front of you.

Looks like some water is leaking...
Place all 3 towels on the floor.  If you do not place the 3 towels on the floor, the floor 
will be to wet to walk on
<no idea how to open this door... was not needed in the mission>

Go right.

Greed is laying dead.

Go Left

Switch on the light using the white button on the wall, just right of center.

Look at the food trolley and take the flat steel tray.

Back off and go right.

Go right again

Switch on the light.

Zoom in on the lounger then search the jacket for a key.  Greed's locker key!
If you tap the CCTV camera you will get a hint that somewhere there will be a recording of Greed's death.

Go back.
It is now light enough so zoom in on Greed's body.

There is a gun in the water next to him, but you need something to fish it out.  We will come back later.

Go back.

Go back to the locker room and use Greed's key to open Greed's locker.

Take the detail plan of this hotel's pool with the secret area marked on it.

Go back to the pool.

Tap around the tree to the top right end of the pool.  Behind it is the secret door.
(I might have tapped the statue next to the door to open it...)

Enter the secret door.

Pick up the scoop net.
Go through the door by using the steel tray on it.

Pick up the CD from the desk.
Zoom in on the broken black cable left of the desk.
drag the red end of the cable to the other end.  Also blue and yellow.

Go back to the swimming pool, zoom in next to Greed's body and retrieve the gun with the scooping net.

Go back to the locker room.
Use the gun to remove the lock from the single locker on the right.
Open and take the key.

Go back to the PC in the secret room.
Use the controls under the monitor and set them: UP, UP, Down, Down.
(When playing a second time a different combination worked???  
Maybe you need to switch all of them up and down 2 or 3 times?
There are 24 combinations so try them all)

If correct then
you will see the swimming pool on the screen.

Use the CD on the PC to record.

Use the bronzed key and open the door on your right.

Well done, Agent!
You have solved Mission 16.
Fine work at the pool.

Miguel is heading to the gambling hall.
Do not let him escape with Greed's documents.

Now we need the next mission!
Will see you again as soon as the next mission is released.

100 Missions Las Vegas Mission 16 Walkthrough
Brought to you by Andre Maakal

Have a happy day!


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