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100 Safes
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100 Gates Walkthrough Gates 1 to 10

100 Gates Walkthrough!
Solutions walkthrough answers tips tricks 
and cheats to solve the gates!

100 Gates, Gate 1:
Omnes spes relinquite
vos inceoentes

100 Gates level 1 solution:
Easy gate.
Tap the gate, and exit by tapping the green arrow.

100 Gates, Gate 2:

100 Gates level 2 solution:

Pick up the ring laying on the floor on the bottom right.
Use the ring on the lion-head on the door.
Tap the ring.
Win the level.

100 Gates, Gate 3:

100 Gates level 3 solution:

Move the patch of grass on the bottom left away from the flashing circle.
Tap and hold the flashing circle.
After about 10 seconds, the gate will open.

100 Gates, Gate 4:
Hint: Look at the hint on the red carpet.

100 Gates level 4 solution:

Shake the device a couple of times
(but do not drop it!)
After about 6 shakes, the door will open.
Gate 4 solved!

100 Gates, Gate 5:
Six knifes

100 Gates level 5 solution:

To open gate 6,
Start at the knife bottom left and work around clock-wise.
Tap the knife and swipe in the direction of the blade edge.
You will hear a beep if done correctly.
Repeat for all the knifes.

Squeaky door will open.

100 Gates, Gate 6:

100 Gates level 6 solution:

Til the device so that the 2 silver balls meet at the cross.
Keep them on top of each other for a few seconds.
You will see green light turning on.

Once they disappear , tap the door and exit gate 6.

100 Gates, Gate 7:
Knight with one leg.

100 Gates level 7 solution:

Shake the device and you will see another scene.

Now, tap the stars to change colors.
Match the colors of the picture in the middle.

From bottom left, clockwise:
Red, Blue. Yellow, Green, Blue, Green,
Red, Yellow, Blue

Tap the gate
and solve gate 7!

100 Gates, Gate 8:

100 Gates level 8 solution:

Pick up the hammer
Use the hammer and kill all the bugs.
Door will open.
Gate 8 done and dusted.

100 Gates, Gate 9:

100 Gates level 9 solution:

Shake the device until you are rid of the fire.
Good riddance!

Tap the orange head.  Tap it some more and eventually it will disappear

Tap the pot on the bottom right and quickly get the key.
Use the key on the lock
Tap the gate

Problem solved.

100 Gates, Gate 10:

100 Gates level 10 solution:

Pick up the paint.
Select the paint and paint the 3 "horses" on the door.
Tap the door to exit.

100 Gates Puzzle 1 to 10 solved!

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