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Wrestler House Escape Walkthrough

Wrestler House Escape Walkthrough.  Wrestler House Escape Solution!
Full walkthrough solution with detailed explanations to help you solve the Wrestler House Escape game, hosted by 123bee.com.    Tips, tricks, help, and all you will need if you are stuck in this point-and-click room escape game.

Wrestler House Escape Walkthrough starts here:

Your adventure starts in the lounge area of the Wrestler's house:

Open the drawer under the TV and take the ring.  Get another ring from the drawer to the left of this one.  Take another ring from the drawer above this one.
Take the key piece form the books in the bookshelf.

Go right to the guest bedroom:

Zoom in on the drawer on the left with the circle-of-colors puzzle.
Solve the puzzle.  You just swap out marbles so that the red marbles are all in the red quadrant, the blue marbles in the blue-quadrant, etc.

Once correct, the drawer will open and you can take the silver key.

Open the far-side drawer and take a ring.
Open the briefcase on the floor and take a key piece.

Go right to the master bedroom.

Pick up the hammer and screwdriver from the floor, next to the orange basketball.
Open the drawer closest to you and take the key piece.
Take a ring form the bed-side drawer.

Zoom in on the frame above the bed:

Notice: A3, B1, C4, D2.

Go right to the kitchen

Take the bottle from the counter top.
Zoom in on the bottle, smash it with the hammer, then take the key piece.

Zoom in on the puzzle on the fridge.
Solve it by changing the foot-print of the animal closest to the corner.  Cheetah at the top, peacock bottom left and giraffe bottom right:

When correct, it will open.  Take the second silver key inside.

Open the cupboard above and left of the stove.  Take the key piece.
Zoom in on the cupboard above-right of the stove.
Solve the code by using the code you saw above the bed:
A = 3, B = 1, C = 4, D = 2.

Take the 3rd silver key.

Zoom in on the sink.  Take the ring.

Go left 2 screens to the guest bedroom.
Zoom in on the colorful painting above the bed.
Use the screwdriver to retrieve 2 key pieces.

Go right to the master bedroom.
Zoom in on the puzzle on the closet door.
Add the 6 rings.

Take the key piece and the 4th silver key.

Go left 2 screens to the lounge.

Zoom in on the cupboard door puzzle on the left.
Insert all the key pieces (8 pieces).

Insert the 4 silver keys.
The keys will turn and the locker will open:

Take the golden front-door key.

Zoom in on the front door.
Unlock using the golden key.

You can now escape the wrestler's house.
Well done on a great escape!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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