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Marge Saw Walkthrough

Marge Saw Walkthrough. Marge Saw Solution.  This guide will contain a step-by-step walkthrough with detailed instructions and explanations on how to solve "Marge Saw" - a point and click room escape game.
  The evil puppet has kidnapped Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, to force Marge Simpson play his twisted game.  Help Marge rescue her family before it's too late!  You can play this game here.   In this game you will play Marge Simpson and need to rescue her family that got kidnapped by the evil character from the movie series SAW.   You will meet characters from Men In Black, Forrest Gump, and of course, all the Simpsons!  This is a medium-difficult escape game and can keep you busy for a couple of hours.  If you need help or a walkthrough, then read on!

Marge Saw Game walkthrough starts here:

After the intro...
You start in the TV room (like any Simpson's episode!)
Go forward so you face the living room.

Go left to the kitchen
Take the empty matchbox from the kitchen floor.

Go right to the dining room
Take the camera from the table.

Go down to the hall.

Take the rope from behind the stairs.

Go upstairs, then enter Lisa's room

Take a picture of Lisa from the picture frame on the bed-side table.

Go out, then forward, enter Bart's room

Take the Yoda doll from the shelf.

Go out, back, then downstairs.  Go out.

Talk to Moe

Use your map, then go to Moe's Tavern.

Pick up the 50 cents on the left and the pocket watch on the right.
Take the ladder that is on the left of the building.

Use the map and visit the Comic Bookstore.

Pick up the magic chest.
Go into the store

Talk to the salesman.
Show him Yoda
Ah... you need to be a child to go further here!

Use the map and go to the Laboratory.


Take the screwdriver from the floor.
Talk to the professor. Talk again and use the other option.

Use the map and go to the school.

Take the trampoline.
Use the screwdriver to get the reflector.

Go left.

Talk to Milhouse.
Use the camera to take a photo of the meteorite

Go back tot he laboratory and enter.
Give the photo to the professor

Give the photo of Lisa to the professor
The professor will transform you into Lisa.

Go to the school, then left.
Talk to Milhouse and ask him to be brave.
Men-in-black will come and remote the meteorite.

Take Milhouse.

Go to the Comic Store.
Talk to the salesman
Show Yoda doll to the salesman

Enter the bathroom

Talk to Tom Hanks
Use Milhouse on the Star Wars Toilet
He will fetch the Rolex

Give the Rolex to Tom Hanks.
You will get the Oscar.
And then return to be Marge.

Use the map and go to the Statue of J. Springfield.

Talk tot he kid.

Go left.  Pick up the B-shaped Key at the tree.
Talk to the cat lady.

Go forward

Place the trampoline on the grass
Use the kid on the trampoline
He will get the cat for you.

Use the map and go to the Simpson House.
Go outside.
Place the cat on Moe

Use the map and go to the Statue of J. Springfield.
Walk to the old lady with the missing cat sign.
Tell her "I've seen a cat just like yours kidnapped..."

Use the map and go to the Simpsons' house.
Go outside to Moe
Use the Cat Lady on Moe

Pick up the bouquet of flowers.

Use the map and go to Moe's Tavern.  The door will now be open.
Moe will chase you outside.

Use the map and go to the Statue of J. Springfield.
Go all the way right.
Enter Le Pamperie Hair Salon

Talk to Mr Smither.  Tell him you want a new hairdo.
You cannot afford it...

Put the flowers in the blue vase.

Talk to Mr Smither.  Tell him "Have you seen the fresh flowers..."
Talk to him again, then ask for a change in hairdo.  He will now do it for free

Use the map and go to Moe's Tavern

Take the Duff Beer Tank in the top right corner.

Use the map and go to the Kwik-E-Mart

Talk to Stephen Hawking.
Talk about being uncomfortable
Give him the beer
He will give you two teleporter rugs

Use the map and go to the abandoned building.

Pick up the green hundred bucks to the right of the building.
Talk to the bumblebee man
"I see you sell balloons"
Give him the 50 cents.  You will get a red balloon.

Use the map and go to Kwik-E-Mart
Enter the mart

Talk to Apu
Give the 100 bucks to Apu
Take the pair of scissors, battery, fast growth formula, fire extinguisher, insulation tape,  and magnet.
(Take everything from the shelf on the left)

Use the map and go to the abandoned building.
Enter the building.

You have 5 seconds to make a plan...
Use the pocket watch to hypnotize the martian

Use the ladder on the hook
Climb the ladder
Attach the rope to the hook
Climb down

Tie the screw ring to the end of the rope (first into the floor, then tie the rope to it)
Climb the ladder
Attach the Oscar to the end of the rope
Climb down

Talk to the martian
"Do you a twin brother?"

When the twin arrives...
You will have 3 seconds...
Untie the rope from the hook.
Take the ladder

Go right
Pick up the chest key in the corner.

Go right

Place the chest on the red line
Go left.

Look through the small hole

Throw the chest key onto the floor.
Snake will pick it up and open the chest with the purple tentacle inside...

Go right
Pick up the bomb.

Place the ladder on the X
Climb the ladder
Place the magnet at the top.  It will draw the lamp cover from the next room against it...

Climb down and go right

Take the match stick in the top right corner.

Go right

Use the scissors on the insulation tape twice.  You will have 2 pieces of tape.

Take the blue fan
Place the reflector on the X
Plug it in
Use the 2 pieces of tape on the reflector to make a cross on it.
Use the B-key to open the door.

Tell him "Have you seen the symbol behind you"

Place the bomb on the X
Use the match on the matchbox to light it
Light the bomb

Pick up the purple deflated balloon.

Enter the "cloud" lift.

Talk to the god
"Why are there bad people"
You will get a "good" pill
Go back

Enter the "Fire" lift

Place the fan on the bottom X
Attach the battery to the fan
Tie a teleporting rug to the red balloon
Place the other rug on the X.

Use the fast growth formula on the purple balloon
Throw the purple balloon with fast growth formula against the yellow tree top right.  The hotspot is the bottom left branch.  The balloon will hit the branch and it will grow a bit.

Use the balloon-with-teleporter-rug on the fan
Step unto the teleporter rug next to Marge.
Use the goodness pill on the bug.

Go right to learn about your family.
After the animation...

Go left, up to the cloud.
Talk to the god
"How can I defeat the devil"
You will get holy water.

Insert the holy water in the extinguisher
(Not sure how Marge managed to get that right!)

Go left
Up to the fire
Go right

While the devil speaks... use the fire extinguisher on the top fire.
Use it on the bottom fire...

Well done on a great escape!
You have escape Pigsaw... alive!  Woohoo!   Marge Simpson the hero!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


  1. Very funny game... The Simpsons with Star Wars and other popular characters! Thank you for the walkthrough... was a very difficult room escape game.

  2. Great walkthrough! I'm glad that there are more talented gamers than me who can make such good walkthroughs! :D
    Thank you very much, keep on your good work. You are brilliant! :)