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Thanksgiving Party Escape Walkthrough

Thanksgiving Party Escape Walkthrough solution.  Step-by-step guide with the walkthrough solution to help you escape from the Thanksgiving party.  This is a windows based point-and-click room escape game.  If you are stuck then this guide will help you escape.  Detailed explanations, screen prints, tips, tricks, and help provided in this walkthrough.  This is an easy escape game and should take less than 30minutes to complete.

About Thanksgiving Party Escape:  The 499th escape game from 123bee.com. On a cloudy day I planned and went to my colleague house to celebrate Thanksgiving party. When I stepped inside, the door gets locked automatically. Is this a party place or a trap place for me? Whether my friends did this or someone else? Whatever it may be I have to escape from this house. I need your help to escape, will you……….?

Thanksgiving Party Escape Walkthrough starts here:
You start in the master bedroom.

Pick up the red feather above the bed.
Take the blue feather from the pencil cup above the drawers.
Open the second from bottom right drawer and take the icon.
Take the egg next tot the trophies on the closet.

Go right to the dining room... all ready and set for the Thanksgiving meal.

Take the icon from the red man above the TV.
Take the turkey from the shelf above the TV.
Take the icon from the lamp above the dining room table.
Take another icon from the fruit basket on the table.
Take yet another icon from the bottom display plate in the corner shelf.

Zoom in on the turkey
Unzip the front pocket
Take an egg.

Go right to the bathroom.

Move the turkey on the side of the bath, then take an egg.
Open the cabinet above the bath, take the box and icon.
Open the cupboard under the left sink, take the green feather.
Open the cupboard under the right sink, take the violet feather.

Go right to the kitchen

Take the yellow feather from the silver pot on the counter top.
Take the knife from the knife holder on the counter.
Zoom in on the turkey on the very left side.  Cut open with the knife.  Take the red and white piece.
Take the icon from the fruit bowl.
Take the pink feather from the top right cupboard
Take the icon  from the top left cupboard.
Take the pumpkin from the bottom right cupboard
Take the icon from the bottom drawer.

Zoom in on the pumpkin.
Use the knife to cut out the center.
Take the white-and-red piece.

Now you will have:
9 icons, 6 feathers, 3 eggs, 2 white-and-red pieces

Zoom in on each of the 3 eggs.  Break them open and take the shape inside.
You will get: circle, triangle, star.

Go all the way left to the master bedroom.
Zoom in on the turkey painting on the wall
Insert the 6 feathers

Notice the colors from left to right: yellow green blue red violet pink

Zoom in on the foot-end of the bed.
Change the colors from left to right to match the feather colors:

You will get the word: THANKS

Zoom in on the bottom right drawer in the closet
Insert the circle, star, and triangle shapes.

Take the iron piece.

Go to the dining room.

Zoom in on the blue strip on the wall
Insert the 9 pieces

Take the 3 golden keys.

Go left to the master bedroom.
Unlock the left bed-side drawer using the 3 golden keys

Take the brown box.
Open the box and take the iron piece.

Zoom in on the other brown box in your inventory
Add the 2 red-and-white pieces (hint: each peace fits a specific side)

Take the iron piece.

Go right to the bathroom.
Open the cabinet with the word THANKS

Take the brown box.
Open the box and take the iron piece.

Go left to the dining room
Zoom in on the safe door on the left.
Insert the iron pieces

Once all the pieces are in, the safe will open.
And you can escape!!

Well done on a great escape.
Happy Thanksgiving
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

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