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Detective House Escape Walkthrough

Detective House Escape Walkthrough Solution.  Here is the full step by step walkthrough with detailed explanations, screen prints, tips, tricks, and hints.  If you are stuck in the detective's house, then this guide will help you escape!  Play the game here.

Detective House Escape Walkthrough Solution starts here:
You start in the blue and orange bedroom

Take the stanley knife from the floor
Take the key from the small single shelf on the front wall
Take the cell phone from next to the monitor
Zoom in on the phone and switch on.
You will get a message:

We will need to get the values for A, B, and C...

Go right to the blue bedroom

Take the letter E from the desk on the right.
Take the flower from the drawer under the TV
Take the letter H from the red-green-blue puzzle above the TV

Zoom in on the plate on the wall above the bed
Notice the letters and their numbers:

Go left

Zoom in on the drawer under the bed
Insert the flower
Open the drawer

Take the paper piece.

Look at the paper:

A = 2

Go right and right again to the brown bedroom

Take the letter L from the floor
Take the golden key from the shelf
Take the laptop from the desk
Take a flower from the frame just right from the window
Open the bottom drawer under the bed using the golden key

Take the plate piece

Go left to the blue bedroom
Open the top drawer on the left by inserting the flower

Take the paper piece.
Zoom in on the other paper then add this one.  Now you have B = 1.

Go right, then right again to the kitchen

Take the red book from the chair
Read the book and notice the circled P

Cut out and take the letter P using the knife

Open the bottom left cupboard door then take the plate piece.
Open the top cupboard , 2nd form the left, then take the flower from the plate.
Open the top cupboard, 3rd from the right, then take the plate piece.

Open the top right cupboard with the key, same shape as the shape on the cupboard door
Take the plate piece.

Zoom in on a plate piece, then add the other pieces

You will get the code 1247.

Go left to the brown bedroom.
Open the cupboard door with the code 1247

Take the identity card.

Open the drop drawer using the flower

Take the paper piece.
Add this paper to the others.  Now you will have A=2, B=1, C = 3.

Now we can solve the phone puzzle:

? +  C = B+A+A... ? = 2
? = B + A +C....   ? = 6
? = C + A....        ? = 5

SO the code is 265

Go left tot the blue bedroom
Open the drawer under the laptop with the code 265

Take the pendrive.

Zoom in on the laptop in your inventory
Press the red light button to switch on
Windows 7 will load.
Insert the pendrive on the right
Click the PS icon that will apear (2nd row, 2nd column)

You will see the name JULIE
Use the letter-to-number conversion you saw on the plate to get the code: 90184

Zoom in on one of the letters in your inventory.
Add the other letters

You will see the word HELP.

Go left to the front door
Open the key lock with the word HELP

Take the key.

Use the key to unlock the keypad on the front door

Swipe the ID card to switch it on
Enter the code 90184

Click OK

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

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