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BNKR Walkthrough

BNKR Walkthrough solution.  Full step by step guide to solve the windows point-and-click room escape game.  This guide will give you tips, hints, help, and instructions to assist you if you are stuck.  Screen prints will guide you from start to finish.  If you are looking to find the BNKR puzzle game, then play it here.

BNKR is brought to you by Nickelodeon Addicting Games.
This is a medium difficult escape game and should take you between 30 minutes and 1 hour to solve.

After the introduction...
The BNKR Walkthrough starts here:
You start with an aerial view of the town

Enter the left double-door building to visit the supervisor

Speak to the supervisor.  He will hand you a half of a key.
Take the switch (1/3) from the shelf
Exit the supervisor's room

Take the crowbar that is lying against the wall of the double-door building in the center.  The crowbar is just right of the door.

Enter this building in the center.  Looks like a first-aid room

Pick up the switch (2/3) under the masks
Use the crowbar to open the top of the bench on the right.
Pick up the mirror (1/3) from the inside of the bench

Exit the first aid room.

Climb down into the hole (middle right)

Press the button top right corner. It must be glowing on.
Go right

Take the second half of the key.  It is located on the vent.   Hint: zoom in just above the 3 vertical lines on the vent, then pick up the key from the zoomed-in screen.
Press the button top left side.  It must be glowing on.

Go right

Press the button to the right of the door
Open the door
You are now in the radio room... It is dark.
Switch on the light using the switch against the right wall

Take the piece of mirror (2/3) from under the desk.
You will also learn that the radio needs power.
Exit the radio room.

Go right

Switch on the button at the top, just right of the center.

Go right

Press the button to light it on, next to the broken machine on the wall.
Take the tile, just a bit lower then the button.
Insert the tile in the missing row of differently-colored tiles on the wall.
Now you can take the battery and the piece of mirror (3/3)

Go right

Press the button (top right corner)

Go left 3 rooms, then enter the radio room.
Insert the battery into the radio:

Take the switch (3/3).

Exit the radio room.
Zoom in on the switch box, just left of the door
Insert the missing switches
Switch them so that all 4 lights are burning green

Go 4 rooms to the right.
It this room is dark, then you probably did not light all the green lights at the switch box.

Pull down the big lever on the left.
Press the button just left of the door.

Go left 5 rooms.

Notice the chain from the indent.  If the chain is not there, go pull the lever.
Pull the chain

Go right 2 rooms.

The barrier is off.  If not, go back and pull the chain!
It will be dark, so flip the switch on the left wall

Press the button top left corner
Zoom in on the device on the table
Insert the broken key
The machine will fix it.

Press the black button just left of the door on the right wall.
The door will open.

You are now in the first aid room of the bunker.
Replace the missing pieces of the mirror on the wall.
Look in the mirror

You will see yourself with your number - 1961

Press the button top left corner.

Exit, exit again, then go all the way right to the locked door.
Use the key to unlock and open the door

Enter.  You are in the store room

Press the button top left corner.
Take the paper knife from the bottom left shelf.
Take the part of the handle from the middle of the right shelf.

Exit the store room

Go left 3 screens.  Enter the door where the barrier used to be.
Go right into the first aid room.
Use the paper knife on the bed

Take the other part of the handle.  Now you have a complete handle.

Exit, exit again.
Go left, left, left.

Insert the handle into the machine just left of the ladder.
Turn the handle to open the gate

Go left.

Press the button, top right.
Notice the map on the wall. All the rooms in the top and second row should have a white dot.  If there is a room without a white dot, then you need to go there and press the button in the room.
Flip the switch next to the map.  Hint: The switch will only work if all the buttons are pressed.

The switch will open a compartment bottom left:

Climb down.

Zoom on on the control panel to the left of the door
Enter your own code (you saw it in the mirror) 1961

The light will turn green if you are correct.  If it does not work, go back to the first aid room and look at your number in the mirror.

Pull the switch to the right of the door.
Enter the lift

.. to be continued
Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough


  1. Thanks a ton! That was real helpful! It would have taken me way more than 30-60 minuets to do that.

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