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Escape the Killer Walkthrough

Escape the Killer Walkthrough. Escape the Killer Solution.

Full step by step instructional walkthrough with detailed explanations on how to escape from the killer... alive!   This guide will give you help, tips and tricks to get you unstuck.  Play this escape game here.

About Escape the Killer:  The 493rd escape game from 123bee.com. Mr. Gifford was stabbed to death for some unknown reason. The police have corned his manger as the criminal. Knowing this,the manager rushed to an unknown house for shelter. But to his bad luck, he got trapped inside this fully equipped house. No other goal, he must escape or get caught by the Guards. what for waiting...? Help him to escape using your wits.

Escape the Killer walkthrough starts here:

You start in the dining room

Open the panel in the shelf in the top right corner.  Take the key from inside.
Take the green box from the bottom shelf on the far-end wall.
Open the green box, then take the eye.

Go right to the red-and-brown bedroom

Open the drawer under the bed to get a blue screw [driver].

Go right to the purple bedroom

Zoom in on the puzzle blocks on the right wall.
Solve the puzzle by changing the squares so that the same symbol is in each quadrant.
Triangles top left, striped-circles top right, filled squares bottom left, plus's bottom right.
(Hint: You can use any combination, as long as you have the same 4 shapes in each quadrant, and different shapes in the different quadrants)

Take the second eye.

Open the locked drawer on the top left side with the key.
Take the blue card.

Zoom in on the wall clock and check out the men:

Go left to the red-and-brown bedroom.
Zoom in on the statue on the shelf.
Insert the eyes.

Take the key.

Go right to the purple bedroom.

Unlock the drawer next to the bed using this key.

Take the purple card.

Go right to the orange bedroom.

Open the drawer to the left of the bed on the floor.  Take the hammer.

Open the box on the shelf in the far corner.

Take the key.

Go left then left again to the red-and-brown bedroom.
Zoom in on the red locked drawer under the desk.
Unlock the drawer using the key.

Take the orange card.

Zoom in on the card then add the other 2.

You will see the code 465 on the cards.

Go right, then right again to the orange bedroom.
Open the safe in the very left side with the code 465.

Take the box.

Zoom in on the box
Adjust the men on the box so that they are oriented just like the men on the wall clock.
Click to open the lid

Take the green piece.

Zoom in on the foot-end of the bed on the base
Use the screwdriver to remove the screws

Take the green piece.

Go all the way left to the dining room.
Zoom in on the grey ball on the floor.
Smash the ball with the hammer

Take the red-and-green piece.

Zoom in on the painting on the wall
Insert the 3 pieces

Take the golden front-door key.

Zoom in on the brown front door.
Unlock with the golden key

You have escaped the Killer!
Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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