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Hurry and escape the Lab walkthrough

Hurry and escape the Lab walkthrough solution.  Detailed step by step instructions on how to escape from the lab.   This walkthrough will contain tips, tricks, hints, and detail explanations to all the puzzles.  If you are stuck, then this will be all the help you need to get out!  Play "hurry and escape the lab" from flasharcade here.

Hurry and escape the lab walkthrough starts here:

You have 30 seconds to escape each room!
Hint:  You can start to escape before the clock starts.  While the text is on display, you can click around to find and use the objects.

Level 1:

The key is in the hay on the right hand side.  Look bottom left of the hay.
Use the key to unlock the door.
Exit through the door to solve the first room.

Level 2:

Zoom in on the door lock.  Change the colors to match the chemicals on the table. Red, green, blue.

Level 3:

Work your way through the items on the shelf until you get the pocket knife.
Use the knife to cut the blue wire.  Take the key and unlock the door.

Level 4:

Click on the sandwich until you get the cheese.  Place the cheese at the mouse hole bottom left.
Take the mouse.
Use the mouse on the pipe - bottom right.
Take the key that drops out onto the table.
Use the key on the door to escape.

Level 5:

Pick up the box of matches in the right side.
Light the candle with the matches.  This is where the candle is located:

Exit the room.

Level 6:

Pick up the red book from the floor and study the patterns.
Find the books in the bookcase that matches the patterns.  Click them one by one.
The bookcase will move right and open the door.
Exit level 6.

Level 7:

Count the boxes in each row of the shelves on the right.
This is the lock combination.
Click on the door mechanism and adjust to open the door.

Level 8:

Move the orange book to get a slide.
Use the slide on the microscope and study the pattern.
Click on the door lock and change the 4 pictures to create the same pattern you saw on the microscope.

Level 9:

There are 5 bricks you need to press before the door will open.
Hover your mouse over all the bricks on the wall and click when you see the hand icon.  Once all 5 are pressed, the door will open and you can escape level 9.

Level 10:

Look at the pattern on the paper on the wall above the table.  Notice that each circle has a small line from it, either up, down, left, or right.  You need to remember the pattern.
Click on the door lock then adjust the arrows from left to right to point in the same direction as the circle sequence.
Open the door and you will escape!

Well done on a great escape form the evil doctor!  Thank you for hurrying up and escaping from the lab.  Hope you found my walkthrough useful.

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