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Automated Room Escape Walkthough

The Automated Room Escape Walkthrough.  Automated Room Escape Solution.  Here is the full step-by-step guide that will help you solve the game: Automated Room Escape.  This walkthrough contains detailed explanations, tips, tricks, and all the help you need to succeed with confidence.

About Automated Room Escape:  You are trapped inside a room with all sorts of electronics.  The door is locked by a fingerprint scanner so you will need some finesse to escape.  You can play automated room escape here from freewebarcade.com.

Automated Room Escape Walkthrough Starts Right Here!
You start in the PC room:

Look in the dustbin and get a piece of paper.
Open the CD player on the PC, then take the blue compact disk inside the player.

Zoom in on the CD player next to the monitor.
Insert the compact disk.
Open the top by pressing the 5 buttons from left to right

Take the hand glove.

Go left

Zoom in on the car toy.
Open the car and take the battery.

Notice the picture

"Right one is left"
Take the nail  from the top

Go left

Take the torch form the top of the closet.  Hint: From the room view, zoom in once on the closet.  With both doors still closed, zoom in on the top.
Use the battery on the torch to load it.

Take the pen, and pieces of wood from the top of the drawers.
Take the brush form the middle drawer.
Open the closet and take the scissors

Zoom on on the piece of paper
Use the pen to fill it with ink.

Zoom in on the glove
Use the scissors to cut off the thumb

Zoom in on the piece of wood
Add the thumb-part of the glove over the wood

Go left

Zoom in on the box next to the fingerprint scanner
Open the box
Notice the fuse is missing

Open the box with the nail
Take the packaging tape inside.

Go left
Zoom in on the circuit box under the monitor
Take out the fuse cable

Zoom in on the keyboard
Turn it around
Use the nail to open the back cover

Take the silver key.

GO left to the room with the closet and set of drawers
Open the left door of the closet
Zoom in on the safe
Open the safe using the silver key

Take the latent powder.

Zoom in on the latent powder
Dip the brush in it.

Switch on the torch
Now as you walk around the rooms, you will see fingerprints all over the show.
Remember the word "right one is left"
So search for a left hand!  (Thumb on the right)

I found one in the room with the finger print scanner,  3 hands up from the wooden box on the floor.
Zoom in on the left-hand
After you zoom in once, find the left hand again and zoom in
Zoom in once more
Use the powdered brush on the thumb

Zoom in on the packaging tape
Use the scissors to cut off a piece
Use this piece to retrieve the finger print

Zoom in on the piece of paper that you covered with ink
Place the tape with the print on the paper

Use the piece of wood on the print to get the fingerprint of the glove-on-the-wood

Open the box next to the finger print scanner
Insert the fuse cable

Use the wood with the glove on the fingerprint reader

Open the door!

Well done on a great escape.
Hope you had joy using my walkthrough

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  1. Thanks a lot! Hope next time I won't need a walkthrough though...I love escape games, tnx man^^