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Escape the Ship of Doom walkthrough

Escape the Ship of Doom walkthrough. Escape the Ship of Doom solution.
Full step by step walkthrough with detailed explanations, screen prints, tips, and hints to help you escape from the Ship of Doom... alive!  You can play this point-and-click room escape game here.

"Welcome back my most uncooperative subject.  As you may have realized by now there is simply no point in trying to escape.  You've fooled me twice now but this time I have ensured that you will not escape.  If you haven't noticed by now, you're locked away in my very own sea fortress.  The only thing that awaits you outside of these walls is certain doom and the bottomless ocean.  Please make yourself at home as we're on our way to a favorite vacation spot of mine.  Bon Voyage!"

Escape the Ship of Doom Walkthrough starts here:
You start in the rear of the ship

Take the fins and put them on.

Go left
Nothing to do now... we will lower the chest a bit later

Go left

Take the sextant
Take the diary from the middle drawer bottom left of the desk.
Read the diary, then notice the bold words NORTH, EAST, WEST, SOUTH

Go left

Go left

Take the bottle opener from the wall
Lift the mattress on the left, then take the screwdriver

Go right

Zoom in on the gray box
Use the screwdriver to open

Take the bottle with the cork
Zoom in on the bottle then use the bottle opener to remove the cork

Plug the cork in the leak to stop the water.

Go right to the start area.
Zoom in on the painting
Open by turning the dial to NORTH, EAST, WEST, SOUTH

Take the key.

Go up.
Look at the picture of the stars of the zodiac with their numbers...

Look at the sextant and notice the zodiac star symbols on it:

Crab,Ram, Scales, Sagittarius, Lion, Scorpio
Decoded you will get: 4, 1, 7, 9 , 5, 8

Go left 5 screens.  You are now at the weight-and-pulley system

Add enough weights then pull the lever.
Adjust the weights if it is not right.

Take the fishing rod.
Take the costume and put it on.
Zoom in on the rod so that you get the crank.

Go right, right, right.
You are now at the screen with the chest in the air
Connect the crank and turn it to lower the chest.
Use the key to open the chest

Take the cutting torch.

Go left to the room with the cannon

Use the cutting torch
Enter the code from the sextant: 417958
Use the flame to cut a hole through the ship
Jump out!  You will swim to the island...

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

1 comment:

  1. I actually escaped without using the bottle opener or the cork.

    As soon as I got the sextant I looked up at the constellations and typed the code into the blow torch. I already had on everything so I just jumped out.