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Athlete House Escape Walkthrough

Here is the Athlete House Escape Walkthrough.  Athlete House Escape Solution.   Full walkthrough solution with detailed explanations, screen-prints, and step by step instructions on how to escape from the Athlete's House... alive!

About Athlete House Escape: The 496th escape game from 123bee.com Just imagine!!!! You got once in a life time opportunity to meet your favorite athlete. With full enthu, you get ready and went to the athlete's home. When you stepped in, the door gets locked automatically and no one was there. You got baffled!!. You must escape from the house before your favorite athlete arrives else he may think bad of you. Use your wits to escape. Have a great escape!!!   Play the game here.   This is a medium-easy point-and-click room escape game.  This walkthrough will make it a walk in the park.  Without the walkthrough you can expect to play between 20 minutes and 1 hour to escape.

Athlete House Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:
You start in the lounge of the Athlete's house.

Take the ice skating shoes on the shelf to the left of the television set.
Take the tennis ball from the coffee table.
Take the dumbbell weights from the shelf
Take a trophy cup from the shelf

Open the drawer below the television set, then take the chart.

Go right to the brown bedroom.

Take the basket ball from the floor.
Take the dumbbells from the floor.
Take the tennis bat from the bed

Open the closet and take the soccer ball.
Open the drawer on the right and take the number 11 billiard ball.

Go right to the purple bedroom

Take the dumbbell from the floor.
Take the takraw ball from the left bed-side table
Open the bottom drawer of the left bed-side table then take the football inside.
Open the right-most drawer and take the number 5 billiard ball.

Go right to the kitchen

Take the dumbbell next to the stove.
Take the softball from the top drawer under the stove.
Take the bowling ball from the middle drawer under the stove.
Take the number 10 billiard ball from the bottom drawer under the stove.

Go left to the purple bedroom.
Zoom in on the billiard balls above the bed
Add the 5, 10, and 11 billiard balls.  (hint: each ball has a specific spot)

Take the silver key.

Zoom in on a dumbbell.
Add the others.
From small to big  (or far to near) you will get green, red, purple, black

Zoom in on the locked drawer on the right with the green strip.
Change the colors to green, red, purple, black

Take the blue key.

Zoom in on the trophy
Turn it up
Move the beans
Get the purple key inside.

Look at the chart.  Open it up:

If you read from top to bottom you get:

Zoom in on the tennis bat, add the basketball, football, and ice skates.

See the numbers 8529 (order of the chart from top to bottom)

Go to the kitchen
Zoom in on the cupboard with the combination lock

Take the charcoal key.

Go to the brown bedroom.
Zoom in on the puzzle on the locker above the bed.
Insert the 5 balls

Take the red key.

Go left to the lounge.
Zoom in on the locker with the 5 key slots.
Insert the 5 keys

Take the front-door key.

Zoom in on the front door
Unlock using the front-door key

You have escaped form the Athletes' house!
Well done on a great escape.

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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