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Holiday Cottage Escape Walkthrough

Holiday Cottage Escape Walkthrough Solution.  Full step by step walkthrough solution with screen prints, detailed explanations, tips, tricks, and hints.  If you are stuck in this point and click room escape game, then this guide will assist you to get out of the cottage... alive!

About holiday cottage escape:  This is the 498th escape game from 123bee.com.  You can play here.   Put your thinking cap on and escape from the holiday cottage.  You need to collect items, solve clues, and make your way out of the cottage.  This is a medium easy room escape game that should take you around 30 minutes to solve.    All the items you need will be in bold in the walkthrough below.

Holiday Cottage Escape Walkthrough starts right here:
Your adventure starts in the cottage's lounge.

Zoom on on the flower vases then take the red number piece from the left vase and the orange number piece from the right vase.
Take the green gem in the middle of the same shelf where the flower vases stand.
Take the red gem from the bottom left corner of the shelf.

Zoom in on the plate with the taps, just left of the front door.
Take not of the direction of the taps:

This is the pattern:
- - - |
| - - -
- - - |
- - - -

Go right to the brown bedroom.

Take the yellow gem from the top drawer on the left bed-side table
Take the feather from the bottom left shelf
Take a red number piece from the flower vase
Get another feather from the middle drawer on the right.

Zoom in on the gold-and-blue object on the wall
Press each peg to get the code:

Go right to the master bedroom.

Take a feather from the middle drawer left of the bed.
Take the gem box from the top drawer right of the bed.
Take the yellow number piece from the plant

Zoom in on the plate on the cupboard with the taps.
Solve it as per the clue in the lounge
If you get it right, the locker will open:

Take the gold coin.

Go right to the cottage kitchen

Take a feather from the fruit basket hanging on the cupboard door.
Take the yellow number piece from the plant

Zoom in on the puzzle on the front cover of the table
Solve the very easy maths (8-2=6; 9-6=3, 7-4=3, 10-3=7, 5-1=4)
The compartment will open:

Take the fgd.

Take the violet gem from the pink basket with sweets on the right side counter top.

Zoom in on the gem box
Insert the 4 colored gems
The box will open

Take another golden coin.

Open the combination lock cover with the code from the blue-and-gold object.
Code: 257

Take the golden coin and the piece

Zoom in on the number pieces
Add all the other pieces

You will get:  2 + 3 = 5,  2 + 1 = 3, 2 + 4 = 6

Go left and left again to the brown bedroom
Zoom in on the closet with the combination lock
Open with the code 536

Take the golden coin and the piece.

Go left to the lounge
Zoom in on the bird on the left wall
Insert the feathers
Look at the numbers on the feathers: 5241
Tap the numbers at the bottom combination lock to open the safe:

Take the piece.

Go right 2 screens to the master bedroom
Zoom in on the plate at the foot-end of the bed
Insert the 4 gold coins
Insert the 4 pieces of gold in the center
The secret bed safe will open...

Take the front-door key

Go left 2 screens to the Cottage lounge.
Zoom in on the front door
Unlock the door with the key

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my cottage escape walkthrough