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THE CURSE level 56: Sliding Blocks #6 - Walkthrough!

Phew!  This one was quite a challenge to solve!
If you are stuck on puzzle 56, the below pictures will guide you to the solution.  I have taken a screenprint after every few moves.  I am sure if you could reach level 56, then you will be clever enough to fill the gaps!

In short, the answer to this puzzle is to get the long vertical blocks at the top, and then move the Mannequin block with the 4 small blocks and the 1 horizontal large block around the lower rows.

For the first couple of moves we do not have a lot of breathing space.  Only a few valid moves...

Looking better now.  But, still some sliding up and down to go...

Some smart outside-of-the-box thinking done here:

The solution is starting to shape:

Get the bottom 2 small blocks in the corner: 

Now we are ready to move the Mannequin down and then get the long vertical blocks at the top.

All the hard work has been done.  No more tricky parts from here:

From here you should be able to finish the puzzle on your own:

Now we only work with the bottom 3 rows and move the blocks anti-clockwise around:

Well done!  The Mannequin block has escaped!


  1. wow our family really hate puzzles like this. So, thnx 4 the help.

  2. Found this little gem Sliding Puzzles Solver in App Store and got all the solutions for $0.99. Easy!