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THE CURSE! Levels 47 to 51

The CURSE Walkthrough, answers and solutions for levels 47, 48,49, 50, and 51

Tips, hints, cheats, et al.

THE Curse Puzzle 47: Burn the rope #4

Start in the middle bottom and go up right and down right:

Go top left, right , right up:

Go down left up:

To win this level, go down, up, down and finish!

THE Curse Puzzle 48: Tangram #5
Maybe I am getting better solving tan-grams, but this "reconstruct the silhouette" was pretty easy:

THE Curse Puzzle 49: Lights Out #3

This was a rather difficult puzzle to solve.  See below for a possible solution.  Turn off the lights in this sequence from 1 to 8, starting in the top left corner:

THE Curse Puzzle 50: 1 to 8. 
To solve this puzzle you need to put the number 1 to 8 in the frame, but consecutive numbers are not allowed to touch. There are 2 problem blocks --> the middle 2.  So, the trick is to enter 2 numbers here that will only have 1 consecutive number each.  It is number 1 and 8.  Then, add their "consecutive" numbers (2 and 7)  on the left- and right-hand sides.  The rest will then be easy:

THE Curse Puzzle 51: Riddle #7

I'm at the beginning of time,
the middle of years,
and the end of days,
What am I?

Beginning of time = T
middle of years = EAR
end of days = S

So the answer is TEARS!


  1. Thank you for the CURSE answers! You are most helpful. Love your explanations to the solutions. Keep them flowing.

  2. Maakal, a note for Level 49: It doesn't matter in what order you tap on the lights. You just have to mark the key lights, tapping them in any order will succeed.

  3. Also, knowing that the order doesn't matter, makes this game type look a bit easier.

    1. Thank you for that observation, Sarimarton. Very helpful and indeed makes the puzzle a lor easier!

  4. i was just wondering, the riddle, how? why is the anser tears?

    1. Hi. Hope this explanation helps:

      "The Beginning Of Time" --> Translates to the first letter of the word TIME = T.

      "The middle of YEARS" --> The middle letters of the word YEARS = EAR

      "The end of DAYS" --> the last letter of the word DAYS = S

      Add them all together and you will get:
      T EAR S = tears

    2. hahaha i thought it was poetic or st ;) thanks, btw. your walkthroughs have helped me a lot :D