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THE CURSE Walkthrough - Levels 57 and 58

The Curse: Solutions to level 57 and 58

Puzzle 57: Riddle #8

You'll never guess the next letters in this sequence.

The answer is very easy.  Right in the sentence.  Look at the first letter of each word.  If you still battle, the write down the first letter of each word from the sentence, then read it backwards. :-)

THE CURSE Puzzle 58: Burn the rope #5

Start to burn the knot in the middle and go up then down to your right:

Go left and up around:

Go all the way around and then up to the middle:

Now go down, right, and up.  Finish off where you started.


  1. I have some level I cant pass, especially riddle and lights out. your informations are really helpfull:) Thankss

  2. This is helpful in tuf Spots. :) so happyand love this site

  3. What is STILNTGNY? Is it a meaningful word ? How do you arrived at this answer for riddle #8 ? Please give me the answer..

    1. Take the 1st letter of each word if you read the sentence in reverse order.