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The CURSE Walkthrough Puzzle 54 - Sliding Picture

Level 54 of The Curse was a difficult one to crack.  Not because sliding puzzles by nature are difficult, but this one has a twist!  You have a time limit.  And, when you start off you do not know the final picture.  Will take a couple of attempts just to find out how the final picture looks.  Then, you need to be fast.

If you battle solving sliding-puzzles, then I suggest you first follow this link.  It will explain how to solve, especially the last 2 rows.  See the 1st comment.

If you know how to solve sliding puzzles, then look here for how the picture will look when completed:

Start at the top left with the painting, then the Mannequin's head, then the big clock.
For the last 2 rows, do the dog on the right and work your way to the left.

So, go ahead, slide & solve the picture!


  1. Last 2 rows really difficult and running out of time! =(( Still trying to solve it.

  2. This is my last one and I CANT do it.

  3. Buy the hint you get unlimited time

    1. You don't get unlimited time, just 2 more minutes.

  4. http://www.wikihow.com/Solve-a-Fifteen-Puzzle
    may help you for the beginning then you'll get the trick
    thx for the walkthroughs for the last sliding blocks really helped me