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The Curse Walkthrough – Puzzles 70, 71, and 72

Here are the solutions, hints, tips, and tricks 
to solve THE CURSE levels 70, 71, and 72!

THE CURSE level 70: Magic Squares #2 – Hard
All directions must add up to 34
I do not know if there are other possibilities, but this one works out:

THE CURSE level 71: Sliding Blocks #7 – Hard
 This is a rather difficult sliding puzzle to solve!  See below screenshots.  I have taken a shot every 3 to 5 moves, but someone as clever as you should have no difficulty in solving this puzzle using the below screen-shot hints:

And finally, the Mannequin can slide to freedom!

 THE CURSE level 72: UnTangle #3 - Hard
Here you need to be quick and untangle before the time runs out.   My strategy was to start with one and then try to make a big circle, following the outer line to the next button. This will get you about a 60% solved solution.  Then spread the buttons out in the middle.  With a bit of luck you will only need to adjust one or 2 on the outside perimeter to solve with only a few seconds remaining.


  1. FYI, Mr. Maakal, unfortunately your screen shot and solution for Level 70 only applies if the player gets the same opening configuration as you because that level presents a random configuration every time. For those interested, search online for how to solve magic squares. You might not find a solution that fits your configuration, but you might learn how to go about solving it.

    1. Actually, you could use the solution, even without having the exact same opening configuration. It only takes logic that you just need to match up the numbers. I didn't have the same as his screen shot, but I matched up the numbers from his screen shot to my puzzle, and it worked perfectly

    2. i agree

      i also did same n solve it

  2. Fortunately, I was able to close and re-open level 70 until I saw a configuration that could be solved with a rotated mirror image of your solution. Thanks!

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  4. An exploit to solve all the untangles in the curse within seconds.
    Now personally i recommend solving it the intended way. It really takes the fun out of it. But on the other hand, to help save all the walls of the homes around the world from us all banging our heads up against them because we get stuck in this very aggravating game. Here is an exploit you can use if your really stuck on the untangles to easily get past them.
    this method works for all untangle puzzles located at page 14, 35, and 72.

    Pick any corner doesnt matter which and move each spool to it, the corners help make sure that each spool rests directly on top of each other.
    Its as simple as that,it triggers to the game that youve solved the puzzle, so now you can move on in the game.

    I hope this helps you

    1. if it's ok with André to post this here: I uploaded a quick vid to youtube to show the untangle puzzle #72 so you can see this exploit method in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZBeXJBXzz0

      Also Ty André for all the help you given to all of us to help beat this fun yet annoying game, many kudos to you my friend

    2. Thank you, Chris. I tried the exploit and it worked.

  5. I fudged Magic Square #2.

    I memorized a 4x4 Magic Square (any will do).

    Then I just reloaded the puzzle until I got one consistent with it (or with a symmetric version of it).

  6. Hi, did anyone bought hints? Adn if yes, they were available immediately or as soon as the bank approved the transaction?