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The Curse Walkthrough levels 60 to 69

The Curse Sixties!
Here the solutions, answers, hints and tips for 
levels 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, and puzzle 69.

The Curse Puzzle 60: Pathway - Medium
In this puzzle you will see a path, then lights go out and you need to retrace the footsteps.  Not too difficult.  Try to remember the patter and follow!

The Curse Puzzle 61: Dominoes #2 - Medium
Place all the domino's on the table so they all connect.  I had no trouble completing this one.  Felt like it will always work out?

The Curse Puzzle 62: Lights Out #4 - Medium
Click-a-ti-click and in 8 moves all the lights need to be out!

The Curse Puzzle 63: Hamiltonian #4 - Medium
Very easy puzzle with more than one solution.  Here is one possibility:

The Curse Puzzle 64: Circuit #4 - Medium
Complete the circuit.  In this level you need to use all the blocks.  Not too difficult!  You might not get the same layout.  I always start off with the circles on the on the border.

The Curse Puzzle 65: Riddle #9 - Medium

Wkh dqvzhu wr wkh ulggoh lv
wkh zrug krxvh.

In this puzzle you need to change letter values.  So count back 3 letters to get the answer:

The answer is House.

The Curse Puzzle 66: Stopper #2 - Hard
This puzzle is very hard, especially the last stop.  You need preserverence and a bit of luck to crack this one!

The Curse Puzzle 67: Tangram #7 - Hard
A not-too-difficult tangram to resolve.
Reconstruct the silhouette:

The Curse Puzzle 68: Solitaire #2 - Hard
I learnt how to solve this one as a child.
See the bellow screen-prints on how to resolve.  You should notice a sequence starting at the bottom block and then work itself around anti-clockwise until a couple remain in the middle.  From there it is easy to finish off.

 We start with the bottom block:

Now we work with the right block

 Now it is time for the top block:

 And now the left block, same pattern as the previous 3:

 Now the work in the middle start:

 And our last jump all the way to the middle!  yea!

The Curse Puzzle 69: Riddle #10 - Hard

I can be curved or straight,
and have many legs.
And with four letters less,
I’m exactly the same.

The answer is Queue!


  1. I don't get how Puzzzle #65, Riddle #9 works.
    How did you get HOUSE from it?

    1. For puzzle 65: Subtract 3 alphabet letters from each letter in the riddle. Now you will get something like "The answer to this riddle is the word house."

      E.g. "Wkh" - 3 letters each become "The".
      W - 3 = T
      k - 3 = h
      h - 3 = e

    2. I get it now, thanks so much!

  2. If it is Queue, what does the "four letters less mean"?

    1. Actually I'm dumb, I get it.

  3. the letter q is pronounced as the word queue,so if you take 4 letters -ueue- from the word queue its still a q!

  4. Thanks!! that #69 was a hard riddle