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100 Safes
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THE CURSE Walkthrough for levels 78, 79, 80

THE CURSE Walkthrough for puzzles 78, 79, 80

The levels gets harder and harder to solve....

The Curse Solution for Puzzle 78: Circuit #5 - Hard
You need to connect all the colors, and also need to color in all the squares:

The Curse Solution for Puzzle 79: Sliding Blocks #8
Solution for Sliding Blocks #8

See the below sequence, a screen-print was taken every 3 to 5 moves.  This will help you solve this tricky sliding block puzzle!

And finally, the Mannequin block escape!

The Curse Solution for Puzzle 80: Bulbs #3

Tap the bulbs in the correct sequence to solve this level.
Tip: I numbers them from 1 to 8 and then wrote down the numbers as they light up.  Makes it a lot easier to solve, especially for the last one that is one loooong sequence of lights to remember!


  1. 976584312 is the order that worked for me

  2. You used the wrong picture for the circuit #5 page 78.