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100 Missions. Mission 5 (Level 5) Walkthrough

100 Missions.  Mission 5 (Level 5) Walkthrough

Here then the Walkthrough for Mission 5 of 100 Missions.  

Look at the boat.  There is a briefcase.  To open, you need to solve the puzzle.  Slide the numbers so that 1, 2, 3, 4 are at the top, then the rest all the way down to 15.  Once you solve it, the brief case will open.  

Take the map.  Take the plastic sealed image.  Take the “two plastic sealed sheets”.

Go left.

Look at the book shelf.  Move the sailor’s hat to reveal a key. Take the ruler between the books.  
Take the corner ruler on the bottom shelf, under the clothes.

Go left.
Use the key to unlock the cabinet.
Take the microphone.   Take the logbook. Look on the table at the model earth.  

Use the “two plastic sealed sheets” to unlock and open.  Take the plastic sealed image.

Go left

 Look at the controls on the left and take the blue pencil.
Go left until your arrive at the room with the 2 paintings.

Combine the 2 blue sheets to reveal a code: 5746.
Touch the ship painting to reveal a safe.  Open the safe with the combination 5746.
Take the compass.  Take the pocket watch.
Tap the pillar where the clock is hanging to retrieve an angle measuring device.

Look at the other painting.  It is a painting of Charles Fryatt.  Visit WikiPedia to read all about him.  Note that he was born in 1872

Go to the table with the earth globe.

Put the map on the table.   Put the angle measuring device on the map.  Put the D-ruler on the map.  Put the L-shaped ruler on the map.   Put the pencil on the map.   Put the compass on the map.  

This will reveal a code on paper:  41 46’, 50 14’

Go to the ship control room and tap on the right hand side.  The code is the birth year of Charles Fryatt.  Enter the code 1872. 
Click on the drawers below the second seat from the right.  Open the drawer and take a microphone stand and a headset.
Click at the seat to the left to find a power extension cord.
Go to the PABX and tap on the plug point to zoom in.    Use the extension cord on the plug to power up the computer.   

Combine the microphone with the stand.   Slot it in at the PABX.   Connect the earphones.  Type in the coordinates 41465014. 

 This will reveal a code: 6891.

Go to the door and use code 6891 to complete the mission!


  1. Hi. If you battle to solve the number slider puzzle in 100 Missions, Mission 5, to open the briefcase...

    I have found a nice article to explain how to solve the sliding puzzle problem. See here: http://www.chessandpoker.com/fifteen-puzzle-solution.html

  2. Fantastic! I always used brute force for the last 2 rows of the 15 number slider puzzle. This link from chessandpoker assisted me so that now I have a good algorithm to solve the final 2 rows. wow! The briefcase of 100 missions is no more a problem to open. :-)

  3. Very easy. Only difficult part was Fryatt's birth year. Thank you for the help!