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The CURSE Walkthrough for levels 36-40

Here is the walkthrough with solutions for levels 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40 for the game "The Curse".

The Curse Puzzle 36: Tangram #4

 To solve the Tan Gram on level 36, start with the 2 big blue triangles and fit them correctly.  The rest will then be easy.  See below how I reconstructed the silhouette:

The Curse Puzzle 37: Match-It #2
There are plenty of time to solve this match-it level 37.  I used the shades of blue at the top of the white egg-shaped figure to eliminate the false matches:

The Curse Puzzle 38: Jars #2

In level 37 you need to divide the liquid in the 3 jars so that jars 1 and 2 have 2 each and 3 in jar 3:

Start by dividing jar 1 into jar 2: 

Divide jar 2 into jar 3: 

Divide jar 3 into jar 1: 

Divide jar 2 into jar 3: 

Divide jar 1 into jar 2: 

And finally, to win this puzzle, divide jar 2 into jar 3: 

The Curse Puzzle 39: Sliding Blocks #4

This was a very difficult sliding block puzzle!  To solve level 39 scroll down for tips of plenty!

 Move the pieces around, and get the following combination:
Now, move the Mannequin down and then move the 2 small blocks on top of each other as below:
Move the 2 top long blocks to the right:
Move the block on the middle left side to the top and move the other long one + the Mannequin to the left:

Move the 2 small blocks down, move the middle to blocks to the right, move the Mannequin to the left:

Move the lower small block up, next to its partner.  Then clear the way in front of the opening!  Wola!

The Curse Puzzle 40: Riddle #6

The word-puzzle for level 40:
I am gifted at sensing 
when trouble is near.
And when I'm turned backwards,
I'm still just as clear.

The answer can only be Radar!


  1. im sorry but some of these tutorials suck, the block one, how do i get to the first step? all after are really strait forward

    1. Move the 2 small blocks to the right.
      Move the Mannequin down.
      Move the top horizontal bar to the left.
      Move the other horizontal bar to the top.
      Move the 1 small block on top of the other against the right wall.
      Move the mannequin right.
      Move the vertical bar up.
      Move the other vertical bar left.
      Move the 2 bottom horizontal bars left.
      Move the 2 small blocks down.
      Mannequin right.
      Move the 2 vertical bars up next to the Mannequin.
      Move the 2nd from bottom horizontal bar left.
      Move the small block next to this bar and the other 1 move 1 up.
      Move the bottom bar right.
      Move the other bar 1 down.
      Move the 2 small blocks left.
      Move Mannequin down
      Move top horizontal down to the mannequin,
      Move other bar right.
      Move left vertical bar 1up.
      Get 2 small blocks below it.
      Move other vertical down,
      Move top vertical 1 right and move the 2 small blocks up.
      Move bottom vertical left.
      Move other vertical down.
      Move small block to the top next to other one.
      Move horizontal bar left.
      Other horizontal down.
      2 Small blocks to the right.
      Horizontal bar up.
      Other horizontal left.
      Mannequin up.

    2. this does not work i tired it 4 times

    3. I tried it and got it to work his directions set you up for the second pic I thought that he was telling you how to solve it at first, not sure if you were thinking the same thing

  2. it is very easy to get to the start position!
    just move the blocks a little bit around ?!

  3. That is an absolutely awful riddle

  4. follow the written instructions first, and then the pictures :-)