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100 Missions: Mission 4 (Level 4) Walkthrough

100 Missions, Mission 4.  If you are stuck, you have arrived at the correct blog to help you.

If you need help for mission 1, 2 or 3:
For mission 1, go here
For mission 2, go here
For mission 3, go here

For Mission 4, continue reading!

Mission 4 was by far the easier of the first 4 missions.  You should not have a great deal of difficulty to solve this one!

When you start the mission you will find a guard that you need to get rid off.  So, let's get on with it!

Pick up the anchor.  Go left.  Pick up the old newspaper inside the crate.  Next to it, pick up the crate full of fishing supplies.  Go more left until you find a lot of rods or pipes lying around. Pick up a long metal rod.  More left and at the oil barrels, pick up the wrench.   Pick up the heavy barrel containing a flammable chemical mix.  Return to the guard at the start screen.  Use the metal rod and knock him out.  Search the guard and take a box of matches.

Go forward and on the stairs you will find a sturdy metal chain.  Go a bit left and pick up the wooden ladder.    Examine the green and yellow machine.  Look again until you see the turning gears.  Use the chain to stop them.  

Use the wrench on the smaller gear.  Use the wrench again and take a small metal screw. Go to the screen with the orange submarine.  

The loading mechanism is missing a gear, so replace it with the one you collected.   Use the screw on the gear.  Now they will turn.

Go back to the dead guard.  Use the ladder on the green crate.  Climb the ladder.
Take the bucket.  Take the crowbar.  Put the newspaper in the bucket.
Go back to the submarine and use the crowbar next to the turning gears.  The submarine will disappear and you can pick up a net.

Go to the crane and use the net on the hook.  Use the chemical barrel on the net.  Use the anchor on the net.   Use the crate with fishing supplies on the net.  

Press the up button of the crane to raise the net.  Use the bucket with newspaper on the net.   Use the matches to light it.

Press the emergency release of the crane.

The remaining guards will be killed.
Enter the white door in front of you and viola!  Well done, Agent!

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