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100 Missions. Mission 6 Walkthrough. - Level 6

100 Missions.  Mission 6 Walkthrough.
100 Missions.  Level 6 Walkthrough.


For Mission 6 you will need to get rid of some guards, get a gun, load ammo, then take out the abductor, then rescue the operative.  Not a too difficult mission.  No fancy maths or difficult puzzles.  Enjoy!

Go forward.

Enter the tea room on your left.
Take the vodka from the table. Take the yellow plastic container full of kitchen chemicals (in the cupboard above the toaster)
Take the oil container (next to the toaster).
Take the large metal pan next to the sink.
In your inventory, add the vodka to the pan.  Add the oil to the pan.  Add the yellow plastic container to the pan.    Put in the microwave. 
The guards will now go to the kitchen to investigate.

Go back.   Enter the sleep quarters on your right.

Under the pillow you will find a sharpened military knife.
Take a metal rod from the bed, above the hifi.
Go out and use the rod on the kitchen door.

Go into the room next to the fire extinguisher.
Take the red valve wheel.
Go back then use the valve wheel to get the fire extinguisher.

Walk around and kill the guard with the extinguisher.
Take the colt from the guard.
Fit the valve wheel and turn.  Search the guard and take the silver key.
Go back to the sleeping quarters.  Use the silver key to open the drawer under the PC.  Take the .45 calibre bullets. 
Go to the room where you picked up the valve wheel.  The water will now be gone.
Pick up a screwdriver under the crates.
Go to the sleeping quarters.
Use the screwdriver on the left speaker.  Take the magnet.
Go back to the previous room.
Use the screwdriver on the grid in the middle of the floor. 
Use the magnet on the knife.
Use the knife-magnet inside the grid to get the clip.
Use the clip on the bullets.
Use the clip on the colt.
With your loaded colt, walk around and open the last door.

Brilliant work, Agent!


  1. Thank you, Andre, for the walkthrough. How dit you complete it so fast? Mission 6 was only released today and you solved it already! All our base are belong to you!

  2. Thank you for the level 6 solution! 100 missions are so much easier with your help, tips, and tricks!