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The Curse Walkthrough level 16 - 30

The Curse Walkthrough continues.  Solution, tips, and tricks for levels 16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30.

The Curse Puzzle 16 - Burn the Rope #1
Here is one way to do it:

Go around and burn as follows:

Go to the middle and around...

And wola!  All the knots burnt.

The Curse Puzzle 17: Logic wheel
In level 16 you need to turn the tree boards so that the beads on the outside matches
 the pattern on the inside.

My strategy was to start at the top by getting all the red beads to the top. Then worked on the green center. Finally the bottom purple one fell into place.

The Curse Puzzle 18: Draw the line #2
This puzzle was slightly more difficult than Draw the Line #1, but nevertheless it was not too challenging.  Here is the solution for level 18:

The Curse Puzzle 19: Riddle #3

Look inside to find the answer.
I am key to your survival.
Does this strike a chord?

--> Answer is ORGAN!

The Curse Puzzle 20: Hamiltonian #1

You need to form a continuous circuit.   See below for a possible answer:

The Curse Puzzle 21: Rotating Picture
To solve The Curse Level 21, you need to rotate all 25 pieces of the puzzle so that the picture is correct.  Looks like a photo of spaghetti or tree roots.  You have a time limit so have to be quick.  My top left piece was correct, so I did not change it.  If you are unsure if the piece are correct, it probably ain't. 

The Curse Puzzle 22: Burn the rope #2
For level 22, you need to burn some knots again.  Should not be too difficult.  Start as per below:

Go up and down:

Go up, right, 

and around:

Go down and the knot burning puzzle solved!

The Curse Puzzle 23: Dominoes #1

In level 23 you need to place the dominoes around so that it works out correctly.  I just placed the pieces and it worked out.  Not sure where the difficulties would be?

The Curse Puzzle 24: Stopper #1

To solve level 24, you just need some quick tapping.  Tap the Stop whenever the light is in between the arrow'ed area.

The Curse Puzzle 25: Hamiltonian #2
Level 25 is another circuit you need to complete.  See a possible answer below:

The Curse Puzzle 26: Riddle #4

You can play me and pull me,
I love the naive.
I'm enjoyable to give,
but bad to receive:


The Curse Puzzle 27:  Lights Out #2

Here is a possible solution for this lights out puzzle:


The Curse Puzzle 28: Tangram #3
Reconstruct the silhouette to resolve level 28 -->

The Curse Puzzle 29: Circuit #2
This was another easy puzzle to solve.  For level 29, see below, just complete the yellow circuit after the below and you will win this one!

The Curse Puzzle 30: Sliding blocks #3
For level 30 you need to slide the Mannequin out again.  This time it is a bit more tricky!

See below for steps to solve level 30.
I have taken a screen-print every couple of moves.
(updated on 2013-01-09)




11... And you are out! 


  1. Your "solved" picture for level 21 is completely wrong. I have spent the last hour trying to replicate your picture to only get it wrong every single time. For the real solved picture, go to nerdr.com. Took me 1 minute!

    1. Thank you Anonymous. I have investigated and you are correct. Apologies. I must have pasted the wrong screen-print.
      I have corrected the problem. Post updated with the final picture. (Note: It is quite difficult in The Curse to screenprint the final picture as you have about 0.3 seconds once the puzzle is solved before the screen goes dark and the thumbs-up appear. So for these puzzles with the last 2 or so moves I need to take regular screen-prints for in case the move was the final one.)

  2. you dont have a solution for #30..

  3. Level 30? Too hard for you mate? ;)

    1. The sliding block puzzle 30 was fairly easy. It takes very long to prepare all the screen-prints with the solution. If you are really struggling, please comment again and I will make a plan to build it for you.

    2. I can't pass this level

    3. OK. OK. OK. :-)
      I have updated level 30 with a couple of screen-prints to show the solution to this sliding puzzle.

    4. Thank you 1.0E6 times Mr Maakal. You are so helpful. Puzzle 30 now done and dusted. I have bookmarked your walkthrough blog. Thank you.

  4. You've made solution 27 more complicated than it has to be. Just start from one corner and tap in succession.

    1. Thank you Anonymous. I agree. In one of the later "Turn off all the lights" puzzles someone commented that the order in which you tap the lights does not matter. Now that I know it, it is so much easier to solve these lights puzzles!

      Have a happy day!

  5. Thank you so Much !!!

  6. Its so easy if your getting answers from you

  7. I don't get how to play number 34 "the code box"

  8. How exactly do u solve level 17

  9. I'm not getting your answer to riddle 19 . Please clarify your answer that why is it ORGAN?

  10. Legendary Block puzzle . is a game where the player's goal is to place blocks to create and destroy lines on screen both Horizontally and vertically.