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100 Doors Walkthrough, Doors 74 to 82.

100 Doors Walkthrough continuing.  Here is the walkthrough for level 74, level  75, level 76, level  77, level 78, level or 79, level 80, level 81, and level 82.

Door 74:  Follow the food chain from the grass to the hawk:  Grass, Grasshopper, mouse, snake, owl, hawk.


Door 75: Change the paintings to show the 4 great masters, also named after the Nina Turtles: Michelangelo, Raffaello, Donatello, Leonardo. (Maybe the mouse is part of the hint, I remember a mouse in The Ninja Turtles movie?)

Door 76:  The answer is the number of triangles in each picture. Look at the hints on the side.  On the left is 3 triangles: 2 small ones and together they form another one.  Answer is 9 0 1 2.

Door 77:  The clue is on the dial with the numbers 1 to 8 with a X or + sign in the middle.  The arrow shows what to do.  1 x 5, 2 + 6, 3 x 7, 4 + 8.  This will give you 5, 8, 21, and 12.  Type 582112 to win this level.

Door 78: The mushrooms.  The mushrooms are marked 1 to 4 (see the number of dots on them).  To win, type in the height of each mushroom, starting from mushroom 1 and finish at 4:  8426.

Door 79:  You will see 4 buttons.  You need to light up the 4 lights in order to win.  This will be very easy if you find the hidden button!  Tap above the top right button!  TO open this door, tap the 2 top buttons and the hidden button.

Door 80:  Connect all the dots in sequence to open the door.  I found this one very easy.  If you battle, try this sequence, starting from the very top.  (Tap the top button, then...) down, right, diagonally up, diagonally down left,  right, down, left, up,  diagonally down right, diagonally up right, down,  left.

Door 81: Simple puzzle?.  You need to rotate the maize pieces so that the red ball gets to the green button.   I found this one to be very buggy on my Samsung Galaxy P7500.  Felt like the outer ring turns all the time and only sometimes at specific spots the inner circles moved.  I used my stylus and tap mostly in the top left quarter to make the pieces turn.  Sometimes tap just outside of the circles to the top left.  Eish.  Glad I made this one!    See below pic for the hot spot area I used:

Door 82.  This is the puzzle where you need to take the goat, lettuce and wolf over.  The problem is, only 1 can fit in the boat with you and if you leave the goat and lettuce alone, the goat will eat it.  If you leave the goat and wolf alone, the wolf will eat the goat. 
TO get this right, do the following:
Goat, Lettuce, Return the goat, Wolf, Take the boat back and fetch the goat.

This all for now!  Happy puzzle-solving!

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