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100 Missions - Mission 7 Walkthrough (Level 7)

 100 Missions – Mission 7

Here then the walk through for the 7th level of 100 missions:

Take the set of diving fins in the top right corner.

Go right and tap the lady.  She tells you about 3 numbers: 714.
Go back right and click on the locker with the number lock.  3 of the numbers are 714.  I got the first number – 9 – by using brute force.  So select 9714 on the lock and it will open.  Take the large red fire extinguisher.

Go left and forward. 

Use the fire extinguisher on the fire.

On one of the lockers you will see the code: 1,8,70,627
You need to find the next number in the sequence.  If you battle, the answer is 5639.
Why 5639? à 1 * 9 – 1 = 8. 8 * 9 – 2 = 70. 70 * 9 – 3 = 627.  627 * 9 – 4 = 5639!
Open the locker with 5639 then take the key, sheet of paper containing colors and numbers, and oxygen tanks.
Go back to the room where you started.  There is a locked bag on a box.  Use the silver key to open.  Take the hammer.
Go to the 1,8,70,627 – locker.  Use the hammer to take off the locker door.

Go to the room with the steel stairs.  Look at the stairs then use the locker door to fix.

Climb the stairs, and then take the diving goggles.  Use the hammer on the bottom left crate.  Take the length of steel chain.  Take the dark metal key on the hand rail.

Use the key to unlock the lock next to the lady.
Use the chain on the hook.

Look at the DB board.  Use the sheet of paper containing colors and numbers to resolve this puzzle!

If you tap a button once it will be red, tap again and it will be yellow.  Tap again and it will be blue. Tap again and it will be off.  For the below, the colums are from left to right, and the rows from top to bottom:
The first number under each color is the column number; the next number is the row number. SO column 1, row 2 must be red.  Column 2, row 5 must be red.  Also red will be column 3 row 1 and column 4 row 4.  Do the same with yellow and blue.

You will see a hint for the last puzzle: the arrows up, down, up.
Go check under the stairs and change the middle lever of both the top and bottom row to point down (tap twice).

Go back to the cage room and the pool will be full of water:

Tap the water and congratulations!


  1. well done. I could not get the locker open. Tried lots of different 714 combinations. After using your help I could finish mission 7. I still wonder how/where the number 9 comes from for the 9-7-1-4 combination. I searched around and could not find it. Maybe someone else can help with this? Anybody?

  2. You just have 3 numbers given and the other one you just had to try so that was easy but that second locker didn't make sense to me

    1. For the second locker you had to work out the maths: find the next number in the sequence "1 8 70 627". The next number will be 5639.

      Use the formula:
      f(1) = 1 and
      f(n) = f(n-1) * 9 - (n -1) where n > 1.

      So for f(5) = 627 * 9 - 4 = 5639

    2. how the hell did you figure this one out????????
      My many talents are not maths-related!

  3. if you add the number on the tanks the total amount is 9

  4. Thank you, Kristanne! Well spotted.

    1. how can i open the cage next to the lady. my key wont fit. it is the key from the locker.

    2. where is the metal key in the handrail?

  5. Thank you for the Mission7 solution! I do not know how you clever people get it right each time. |-)

    Best regards

  6. Cannot wait for the next mission. Bring-it-on mission 8!