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The Curse Walkthrough levels 1 to 15

While waiting for new missions, new doors and new floors... I have started to play a new game on my Android:  The Curse

 Here then the solution, walkthrough, tips and tricks for "The Curse"!

The Mannequin will ask you questions, riddles, and puzzles that you need to solve.  They start out easy and then progress to difficult... Good luck!

The Curse Puzzle 1Tangram #1: Reconstruct the silhouette:

The Curse Puzzle 2: 
Riddle #1
We’re here all the time,
but can’t always be seen.
The more light there is,
the less that we gleam.

è Stars!

The Curse Puzzle 3: Magic Squares #1. 
The trick with this square is to put the 5 in the middle and the even numbers in the corners.  
Then use the odd numbers in the gaps to add each row and column to 15.
8 3 4
1 5 9
6 7 2

The Curse Puzzle 4
Sliding blocks #1
Slide the blocks around and get the Mannequin the the bottom left corner.

The Curse Puzzle 5:
Button Gauge #1

Trick here is to turn each one on and time it.  For this easy level, you will be able to rank the buttons from 1 to 4 seconds.  Then start the 4 second one, then wait 1 second and start the 3 second one… all the way down to the 1 second timer.

The Curse Puzzle 6:
Match-it #1
Look for something distinct.  You get one minute, so it should not be too difficult.  

The Curse Puzzle 7:
Bulbs #1
Watch: Sometimes the same bulb is lighted up twice in a row.

The Curse Puzzle 8: 
Tangram #2  Reconstruct the Silhoutte
Level 8 was a bit more tricky to resolve.
See the answer and solution here:

The Curse Puzzle 9: Draw the line #1

The Curse Puzzle 10: Riddle #2

Pay attention to every line,
and look for the answer.
Perhaps you should fold?
Everything you need is here,
right on this page.

è Paper.

The Curse Puzzle 11: Circuit #1
Last step will be to complete the pink line.

The Curse Puzzle 12: Jars #1
In this puzzle you have a limited number of moves to move the liquid from one jar to another to get the specified amount of liquid in each jar.

Step1: Throw from jar 1 to jar 3
Step2: Throw from jar 3 to jar 2
Step3: Throw from jar 2 to jar 1:
Step 4: Throw from jar 3 to jar 2:
Step 5: Throw from jar 1 to jar 3:
Step 6:  Throw from jar 3 to jar 2:
Step 7: And finally, throw from jar 2 to jar 1.

The Curse Puzzle 13: Lights Out #1
First select the 4 corners, then the light in the middle:

The Curse Puzzle 14:   UnTangle #1

The Curse Puzzle 15: Sliding Blocks #2 
Move the Mannequin to the left, then down, then bottom center:

Well done!
First 15 puzzles resolved!


  1. Thans fot the soluce but can you explaint the puzle 14 please ? Thanks !!!

    1. In puzzle 14 you need to move the disks so that none of the lines overlap another line. Unfortunately I cannot think of a way to write a walkthrough solution for this one.
      What worked for me was to spread all the disks out, then keep on moving the disks that have an overlapping line. Good luck!

    2. there is an easier method. push all discs to the corner and its done

  2. Hey André !
    May you please explain how you removed the mannequin ??

  3. Andre can you please explain how to remove the mannequin in level fifteen?

    1. I think it will be good for you to attempt to figure this one out! There are a couple more mannequin sliding puzzles coming that are magnitudes more difficult than this easy one.

      The general direction is to get the mannequin to go left then down then center and out.

    2. What is the point of a walk thru if you aren't going to give details on how to solve it? People don't go searching for walk thrus to get "figure it out yourself" as a response.

    3. Hahaha. If you struggle with this early level of remove-the-mannequin, then maybe you should rather play hit-the-mole or something more simpler. Alternatively wait till after puberty to play The Curse! hehe. *removes tongue from cheek*.
      There are some seriously difficult remove-the-mannequin levels ahead. This one is VERY easy. Practice a bit. The experience will help you in later levels.

  4. Please explain how to do level 13...... PLEASE

    1. Just tap the light as per the picture at the level explanation.

  5. how do you do level 15?