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The Curse Walkthrough continuing for puzzles 31 to 34

The CURSE Walkthrough 
Continues with solution and walkthrough for levels 31, 32, 33, and 34

The Curse Puzzle 31: Solitaire #1

Here is a possible solution in 23 moves. (updated 2013-01-09)

Follow the arrows:












19 & 20 





The Curse Puzzle 32: Riddle #5
For level 32, the riddle:
If a loop is something you swim in,
And a reward is something you open.
The word lever will provide your answer.

Answer hint:  Read some of the words backwards.
Solution: LEVER spelled backwards: revel.

The Curse Puzzle 33: Burn the rope #3

Start here:

Then up and left:

Then go around the top:

Go back to the top:

Then come down for the win:

The Curse Puzzle 34: Code Box
For me this was by far the most difficult to crack.  Here then my strategy.  If you something better, please comment!

For The Curse Level 34 you get 10 submits to crack the code.  Almost like Mastermind...

Tries 1 - 5:  Make all the blocks the same pictures.  Start for example with 6 trees.  Click submit and record how many trees are in the solution.  Repeat so that you tested 5 pictures.  You do not need to test the last picture as you should be able to calculate picture #6's count from the other 5.  You might be lucky and get the number of pictures before you get to try number 5...

In my example:
0 trees
3 butterflies
1 tortoise
0 half-moons
1 fires
so, without testing, I know there is 1 square.

So, I used 5 turns to determine the solution will contain 3 butterflies, 1 tortoise, 1 fire, and 1 square.
Now I have 5 changes to figure out the order.

I used 2 chances to get the 3 butterflies correct:

So 2 tries left to guess the order of the other 3.

A possible hint:  I have tested a couple of times and at no time was the random start-order correct (e.g. click submit without changing any pictures and it will always show 0 correct).  Maybe this can help you to eliminate some combinations.  (I have tested about 10 times...)


  1. Thanks man, now i understood the code box!! :)

    1. Glad I could help. Still trying to find a better solution to solve this "mastermind"-type of puzzle!

  2. My code had the same 3-1-1-1 symbol ratio as yours and the same position for the symbol that appeared 3 times.

    1. Interesting observation. Wonder if there are more matches like these?

  3. Winning strategy for level 34

    Level 34 is actually pretty simple. It has a winning strategy, which if you follow,
    you get a ~90% chance to win. And no need for paper and pensil.

    First the terminology:

    - switch: sliding a slot by one item. Always slide in the same direction. Choose up or down, and never slide in the opposite direction when you're "switching".
    - switch back: sliding a slot back to its previous item. (This is the only case when you have to slide in the opposite direction.)
    - positive slot (or just "a positive"): a slot which _is known_ that it's in the right (hit) state
    - negative slot (or just "a negative"): a slot which _is known_ that it's in a wrong state.
    - unknonwn slot: a slot which you don't know if it's negative or positive.
    - hit number: the number shown in the game as the count of positive slots after you submit.
    - number of positive slots: number of your positive slots. This is not always the same as the hit number, see the notes section below.

    Here is the strategy:

    A) If you know exactly which slots are positive and negative (in other words, there is no unknown slots), switch all of the negatives and submit. You can have 2 results:

    A1. Hit number stayed the same. In this case you still know which are the negatives, so repeat A).

    A2. Hit number increased. In this case all the previously switched negative slots become an unknown slot. Start checking them one by one as described in B).

    B) Switch the first unknown slot and submit. You can have 3 different results:

    B1. Hit number decreased. This slot was a positive. Switch it back, remember that this slot is a positive, and never touch it again. AND remember: after the next submit, the hit number will be increased again by this slot, so you should probably just add 1 back to the hit number in you head.

    B2. Hit number stayed the same. This slot is a negative.

    B3. Hit number increased. This slot is a positive, and you accidentally found it. Remember that this is a positive slot, and never touch it again.

    Either one of B1., B2., or B3. happened, you can still have unkown slots. In this case, go on checking them by starting over B). Or if you now don't have unkonwns, go to A).


    - Initial state is always A), as all the slots are negatives.

    - The "hit number" and the "number of your positives" are not always the same. In A2., the hit number is always higher (sometimes 2 or even more higher) than your positives, as you don't yet exactly know which are the newly found positive slots. So they're unkowns. On the other hand, in B1., the hit number can be eventually lower than you positives (if there was only 1 newly found item in A1.).

    - You can easily decide that your remaining to-be-checked slots are unkonwns or negatives by subtracting the number of your positives from the current hit number (the one which you increased back in head in case of B1.) If the hit number is higher than the number of your positives, then your remainings are unknowns. Otherway they're negatives.

    - B1. case can be thought of as it "consumes" the hit number growth resulted from A). So for example, if you got 1 more hit in A2., and you end up in B1., then the remainings are no more unknowns, but negatives, and you can go to play A) again. If you got 3 more hits after A2., chances are that you'll go in B1 three times before going to A) again.

    - B3. can be thought of as a "bonus hit", but you have to keep in mind that both the number of your positives and the hit number got increased by 1. The difference between your positives and the hit number didn't changed so you'll probably need to keep checking your unknowns.

    1. Thank you Sarimarton. I like you solution. Works for me!

  4. level number 31 just doesnt work.. od do i miss sth????

    1. Hi. I have updated a better walkthrough for level 31. :-)

  5. Good job Mr. Maakal. I appreciate all of your hard work, so that I don't have to work so hard. However, I agree with Anonymous that your level 31 doesn't work... you are missing a screenshot (and the steps for it) between the second step and the third step. After I worked out what those steps were, I was able to proceed with your third screenshot and continue. Also, for those interested, you can find youtube videos to show some of these solutions.

    1. Hi. Thank you for the observation. I have updated a better walkthrough for level 31. :-)

  6. I tried level 31 with your solution but the way i think im messing up somewhere on it because your solution is telling me to move stones that i already moved to different spots... Help, please?

    1. Please try the level 31 walkthrough now. I have replaced the solution with 24 new pictures showing step-by-step and an orange arrow on how to solve.

    2. Thank you so much! I finally solved it.

  7. For level 34 I had 2-2-2 instead of 3-1-1-1

  8. Where is the solution to level 35 Untangle #2? Thanks so much for all the help!!

    1. I could not figure out a way (yet) to write the walkthrough for the untangle puzzles. All the buttons look the same, and I do not think the start position is the same every time you attempt it.

      The way I attempted the untangle puzzles is to spread out all the buttons, then start at a point and work around in a circle untangling as much as I can. Every time I used less than 4 attempts to solve it before the time ran out.