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100 Safes Hints - Level 71 to 80.

100 Safes Hints - Level 71 to 80.

Go here for the hints for other levels.

100 Safes is a point and click room escape game.  If you are stuck, then these hints will give you some help on how to complete the level.  This is not a complete walkthrough, but rather tips to assist you.  If you are really stuck, use the comments section below to request more help!

100 Safes level 71 Hints:

The question in level 71 is a simple VB script that you could execute as an XLS Macro to get the answer.
The algorithm is as follows:
  Make X equals Zero
  Make Y equals Zero
  Make Z equals Zero
 Repeat 10 times:
      Make X the value of X plus one
      Make Y the value of Y plus the value of X
The password will then be X plus (Y times 2)

100 Safes level 72 Hints:

Rotate the pieces to get a 3-didit number.
Pretty easy?

100 Safes level 73 Hints:

Safe 73 is probably one of the toughest levels in 100 Safes.  There is a picture of a big indian, a little indian tne then 2 binary numbers that you need to add together.  Each binary number consists of 2 bytes (8 bits in a byte). 00000001 00000011  and 00000011 00000001.

The crux is the 2 indians.  Most computer science graduates will know about the big endean and little endean representations of binary numbers.   It has all to do with the byte order.  (Note: the endeans do not impact the bit order inside the byte)

Big Endean:  The most significant byte is left-most.   This is how we normally woud read a binary number.  So the number next to the Big Indian is 259
Little Endean: The byte order is reversed.  Most significant byte is on the right.  So, with this 2 bytes number, you can swap the 2 bytes around and then read as normal.

100 Safes level 74 Hints:

Level 74 will test your geography knowledge of Africa, on the southern side.
The green country is Madagascar with the value 5.
Brown is Zimbabwe.  Light Violet is Botswana.  Red is Namibia.
Notice the order at the bottom from left to right.
The password for the safe will be the numbers for each country as per the list provided.

100 Safes level 75 Hints:

You need to hit the target in level 75.  You need to hit by flipping 8 or less switches.  If you run out of turns, you need to reset the level and try again.  The target is the green circle.  You hit it with the red circle that starts in the top left corner.

The switches top right control the X-axis and the switches at the bottom left control the Y-axis.
The switches are binary based, so the left-most switch will take the red-circle to half way and the right-most switch will move only a small bit.

100 Safes level 76 Hints:

Special days in March, May, and December.
The password for level 76 will be the day of the month for Pi-Day, Star-Wars-Day, and Christmas-Day.
Pi-day is celebrated on 14'th of March because pi is rounded off to 3.14 (3 = March and 14 = the day)
Star Wars Day is celebrated on the 4th of May.  (May the force be with you = May the forth be with you).  Use 4 and not 04 for this one.
If you never celebrated Christmas, then use Google to find the day in December.

100 Safes level 77 Hints:

Change the patterns so that the sides of each hexagon touches the same color of its neighbour.

100 Safes level 78 Hints:

Level 78 contains an encrypted message.  The message reads "aol whzzdvyk mvy aopz slcls pz upulafupul tpubz vul."
This message should be easy to crack.
It is a simple algorithm where each alphabet letter is moved on the same number of letters.

100 Safes level 79 Hints:

The answer to this level
is this level.

This level is level 79.

100 Safes level 80 Hints:

There once was a lady named
Heather.  She lived happily
in a castle far, far away.
Right in the middle of
the castle was  a chicken
egg.  This was a very special
egg. Read carefully or else
no password will be revealed.

--> There is a number hidden in the paragraph.

Well done on solving the first 80 levels of 100 Safes!


  1. Really need help with level 71 please

    1. Type that text in a macro in MS Excel and it will show you the answer! :-)

    2. Thanks for reply, but its MS Excel that I dont have. Just want to get on to the next level now, really liking this escape game. Goes against the grain to ask for answer but really need to move on.
      please..what is the answer.

    3. Thank you so much, really appreciate your help.:-) you're a ☆

  2. 78 has got me bugged, need a little help, tried all ways.....but not the right one lol obviously

    1. Finally got it......glad I persevered.

  3. Please help me with level 73. I dont get it at all

    1. both the numbers you need to add together are binary 100000011 which = 259. so the answer will be 259 + 259 = 518.

  4. I'm fed up with 78, any help would be great.

  5. i found lvl 78 quite easy... but i am a clever little girl. the text starts with: the password...

  6. Please guide me for level 78. Whts the answer n how..

    1. Level 78... if you unscramble the letters, it starts with "The password..."

  7. Thanx for reply . but Still not getting..exhausted.

  8. For level 78 the answer is 98
    To solve you decrypt using an alphabet shift cypher, which will give you "the password for this level is ninety-nine minus one."

  9. Wht is answer of 80.. just fed up reading paragraph again n again. ..

    1. Stop going left to right and start looking top down... ;-)