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100 Safes Hints - Level 61 to 70.

100 Safes Hints - Level 61 to 70.

Go here for the hints for other levels.

100 Safes is a point and click room escape game.  If you are stuck, then these hints will give you some help on how to complete the level.  This is not a complete walkthrough, but rather tips to assist you.  If you are really stuck, use the comments section below to request more help!

100 Safes level 61 Hints:

Level 61 is a level where you need to do some algebra!  

(X+Y) / 4 = Z --> You will get that X+ Y = 4Z.
and X + Y + Z = 100 so you can combine with the above to get:
4Z + Z = 100 --> 5Z = 100 --> Z = 100/5 = 20.

Then you can get X + Y = 80 and X * Y = 1500.
Perghaps 30 and 50?

100 Safes level 62 Hints:

The stopwatch level with 3 buttons: 4 2 6.
Tap and hold the "2" button for exactly 2 seconds and it will change to green.
Turn the 4 and 6 to green and the safe will be cracked.

100 Safes level 63 Hints:

Level 63 contains 4 pictures from classic movies or books.  Fantastic Four, Secret Seven, 20 000 leagues under the sea, and The Dirty Dozen.
The Sigma sign hints that in order to solve level 63, you need to add the 4 numbers together.

100 Safes level 64 Hints:

Find you way from the arrow to the safe, take the shortest route and record the difficult to read pink numbers... 1 8 4  2 4 .....

100 Safes level 65 Hints:

Numbers in different languages

Seven in English
Drie in Afrikaans
Deux  in French
Cinco in Spanish
Zwei in German
Theta in Greek
IX in Roman

100 Safes level 66 Hints:

For level 66 you need to read the 3 numbers in single-hand-sign-language.
You should be able to solve them without having to know sign language!
Look at the first number.  It consist of 4 letters and the 1st and 3rd letter are the same.  Not many numbers will fit.

For the second number, the middle letter looks like a W and the last letter an O
For the 3rd number, the second latter is the same as the 2nd letter from the 1st number...

100 Safes level 67 Hints:

Level 67 is like a game of Mastermind.
Look at the clues.  If Correct = 1 it means that one and only one of the colors in that row is in the correct position.  For Almost = 2 -->  Two of the colors are in the wrong position.

Some extra hints:
One of the colors are not used in the solution.
One of the colors appears twice in the solution.

Once you have the correct color sequence, replace the color with the value at the top (blue = 1, yellow - 3, etc) to get the combination to open the safe.

100 Safes level 68 Hints:

Binary switches!

Flip the switches and notice what combination is needed to get the colors blue, yellow, and green.
The switches represent a binary number.
If the switch is in the UP position, it means "on" or 1.

Binary to Decimal conversion:
000 = 0
001 = 1
010 = 2
011 = 3
100 = 4
101 = 5
110 = 6
111 = 7

100 Safes level 69 Hints:


This is a very easy level!  Count up or down the alphabet as indicated by the letters and numbers.
H + 11 will give you the letter S.

100 Safes level 70 Hints:

To solve level 70, match the car manufacturing logos with the names BENZ (Mercedes), Hyundai, Infinity, and Daewoo.   Next to the logo is a number.  The 4 numbers will be the password to crack the level 70 safe.


  1. These are hints NOT walkthroughs!!! Half the time they dont make sense.

    1. These hints are very helpful! There is no fun if you just google the answer. You need to think them out... and when you are stuck, these hints will assist you.

  2. Can someone help please??? Im stuck on level 68. I just cant get it!

    1. There are 3 switches in level 68. These 3 switches give you a binary number. If all 3 switches are down, then the number is zero. All 3 switches up, then you get 7.

      If a switch is up then it is a binary 1 and if the switch is down it is a binary 0.

      If you flip the left and middle switch up (110 binary = 6 decimal), the blue light comes on.
      If you flip the middle switch up (010 = 2)
      If you flip the middle and righ switch (011 = 3) then the green light comes on.

      You need to give the number for blue, blue, yellow, green as per the hint in the bottom left.
      This will then be 6623.


    2. Thankyou! I was tearing my hair out!!! It makes mote sense once you've worked it out.

  3. Can not figure out 67.. even with hints???

    1. green blue green red. easy as 22/7

    2. That would be easy except that it doesnt fit with the color combination on the top row.it should read 1 right 1 almost.

  4. Omg level 69 should b easy but no matter what i try it doesn't come out right . please help!!!

    1. Add 11 letters to the letter H and you get S.

  5. Stuck at 67. Can any one give answer n how it come?

  6. Me too stuck at 67...


    Someone please give me the code and how you got it.

    =( :=(

  7. Level 67 = green blue green red

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