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100 Safes Hints - Level 41 to 50

100 Safes Hints - Level 41 to 50.

Go here for the hints for other levels.

100 Safes is a point and click room escape game.  If you are stuck, then these hints will give you some help on how to complete the level.  This is not a complete walkthrough, but rather tips to assist you.  If you are really stuck, use the comments section below to request more help!

100 Safes level 41 Hints:

Tap the go button, then pay attention to see in witch order the lights shine.  There will be 5 lights.
Now tap them in the same order to get the code.

100 Safes level 42 Hints:

Solve the 3 easy questions.  The answer to these will be the code.
There are 20 nines between 1 and 100 (there are 19 number with the number 9, but the number 99 contains 2 so this gives you 20)
If you take 3 apples then you have 3 apples.
The last one is the number seven.

100 Safes level 43 Hints:

This is an interesting level.  You need to get all 6 men across, but there must never be more mafia than police on any side otherwise the mafia will overpower the police.     It is OK to have mafia without police members on any side.

Here is the start of the solution:
Take 2 mafia over.  (the black hats are the mafia!).
1 Mafia return.
Take 2 mafia over.
1 Mafia return.
Take 2 police over.
Return 1 mafia and 1 police.
Take 2 police over.

100 Safes level 44 Hints:

Count the yellow circles, then red triangles and then the green squares.
Notice that the smaller red triangles make up bigger triangles.
Also notice in the bottom left corner another green...

100 Safes level 45 Hints:

This is a wonderful puzzle to solve.  You do not need to do any difficult mathematics here!
To help you, I will read out the lines for you, starting from row 2.  Each row explains the previous row.

2: 1 one
3: 2 ones
4: 1 two 1 one
5: 1 one 1 two 2 ones
6: 3 ones 2 two's 1 one

100 Safes level 46 Hints:

Change the black numbers so that all the sides add up to 21.
When I designed this one it looked quite a challenge, but in the end it turned out too easy.
1. Change the top right so the top row and right column add to 21.
2. Change bottom left so that the bottom row adds to 21.
3. Change middle left until left column = 21.

100 Safes level 47 Hints:

This looks difficult, but the answer is really easy to work out!

100 Safes level 48 Hints:

Solve the true/false questions to get the code at the bottom.  Remember to include the left-most 9 in the code.
The capital of Australia is Canberra and not Sydney.

100 Safes level 49 Hints:

Level 49 might keep you busy!
Turn the 3 rings to correct the picture.  You will notice that each circle you turn will impact 1 other circle.

Once the picture is correct, you will see the code at the top right.
This is the completed picture:

100 Safes level 50 Hints:

You need to visit every island, but only allowed on each island once.  If you make a mistake, reset the level and restart!   This is not too difficult to work out. 
When you solved this one, the code will be on the top left.

Very well done on solving the 1st 50 levels of 100 Safes!!!

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